13 June 2017

What does Campion mean to you?

Campion to me was where I finally found an environment where I felt comfortable enough to develop my personality.

It allowed me to explore my abilities and find my passion.

The teachers from all departments supported my passion for drums and used it to motivate me by adapting it to the subject they were teaching.

The international community in Campion was great in teaching diversity and acceptance.


15 May 2017

What did you go on to study and where?

After Campion, destiny took me to London where I have been in and out ever since.

I got my Bachelor’s and Ph.D. from the London School of Economics [LSE]. Having been schooled in a very international setting like Campion, LSE seemed like the natural place to go – an open-minded university for global trotters as I call them. My Ph.D. was an intellectual luxury. I did not know what I wanted to do in life. All those around me took the elevator straight into financial institutions and the so-called City. I needed time to think, hence a Ph.D. was a good option to justify what was effectively several years of non employment - something possible in those days with a bit of luck.

11 April 2017

What does Campion mean to you?

Campion years were by far the best school years for me! Although not many (1982-1985) I can only recall those wonderful Ekali days as high school memories. For sure the school, my professors, my friends and classmates have influenced my choices and my life path thereafter.