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Thanos Papasavvas, Alumnus 1987

29 August 2016


Thanos Papasavvas, Economist, Investment and Asset Manager, Class of 1987

Following an in depth interview with Headmaster R.J.O. Meyer in C1, I joined Campion in first grade and graduated in 1987. After Campion I moved to London where I have stayed ever since.

What does Campion mean to you?
The most idyllic childhood only to be hit by the reality of life straight after.
Innocence, fun and friendships for life.

What A-level subjects did you take and what were your favorite subjects?
Greek, Economics and Maths. Tambaki, McLean and Liristis! They all rocked!

What were some lasting highlights from your experience at Campion?
Mrs Keremis inviting a school of disabled children from PIKPA to spend the whole day with us at C5 for two years running; playing 7-stones; musi-cafe during lessons at senior school and Funomania shortly thereafter.

Campion inspired me to run my first marathon when I was 11 (picked up by Mr Bradshaw at 41.5km...) but managed to finish it the following year in 5hr 32min. After a long gap of 27yrs I started running again at 39 with a PB of 3.46:30 in London, and have moved on to some ultras in my wife's home town in Germany.

For those of you interested in ultras, Campion was at the inauguration of the first Spartathlon event in October 1982 when 5 runners from the RAF ran from the Acropolis to Sparta (245km) joined intermittently by Mr. Ireland and Mr. Simmonds. This event is now one of the most prestigious runs on the World circuit.

What did you study and where?
I studied Social Sciences and Economics at the Polytechnic of Central London followed by an MSc Economics at Birkbeck College, University of London. I then decided to become a CFA charterholder which involved a lot of dedication for a number of years - and especially during the skiing season which meant extra early study sessions 5-8am prior to breakfast.

Work experience
I started working for the UK civil service whilst studying and became a UK Government Economist after my MSc Economics. I stayed there for 2yrs before leaving to join CSFB Investment Management in 1994 as a portfolio manager. I was with Credit Suisse for 12yrs after which I moved to Investec Asset Management for another 8yrs. My specialisation was always global macro, geopolitics, fixed income and in particular currencies.

The beauty about the job was threefold: (1) meeting very interesting people across the political-business spectrum; (2) travelling to wonderful places and experiencing the different cultures and food (Peruvian being my favourite) and (3) being aware of what is happening around the World from an economic/social and political perspective.

I left the buy-side in 2014 to join my sister in launching a boutique firm helping companies raise loan finance, after which I co-founded Equant Analytics - a FinTech and Advisory business, and where I am today as a co-founder and Chief Investment Officer.

Personal life
Babette picked me up on the King's Road one Summer afternoon during the second peak of the Greek Civilisation (Athens Olympics, winners of the Euro UEFA and the Eurovision contest). We got married two years later in 2006 and have two wonderful boys Maximilian (nearly 9) and Hendrik (nearly 4).

Maximilian was born on 17th August 2007 - the day the Global Financial Crisis started. It was an unbelievable turn of events which followed the next few years with all types of emotions and fears. Hendrik was born amidst the Greek financial crisis with the ECB and policy makers scrambling to resist an EU meltdown.

I like jogging, skiing and windsurfing. Always a team player at work, but I feel sports are my own time and prefer to enjoy them alone. Babette and I also tried barefoot skiing at NOB the last few summers and thoroughly recommend it. I have also climbed Munch but would never jump of a plane. That's too much.

Tips for students
Make sure you have read and understood Ithaca. Therein lies the meaning of life.

Have fun.


Rania Vassiliou

Alumna 1987


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