Campion school

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Campion School strives to give each individual pupil every opportunity for future academic success. Pupils in the Lower School in Years 7-9 follow an adapted British curriculum and sit the Cambridge Checkpoint exams in Year 9 to assess their academic progress. At the end of Year 11 pupils sit IGCSE examinations which serve as a pre-qualification for British university and excellent academic preparation for the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. All students at Campion participate in the IB and receive three-fold support from the school’s UK university advisor, IB coordinator and the Year 12 & 13 year tutor. Applications to the United States are supported by a US university advisor and an after school SAT preparation programme in IB1. University acceptances include some of the most prestigious institutions in Great Britain, the United States, Canada and the EU. 

Please click here to view a chart which displays in which countries Campion leavers study at university and here to view what subjects they pursue. 

Listed below are links for the school's academic curriculum guides, examination results and university placement for the IB Diploma programme from 2003-2015 as well as separate academic results and student university placement for the graduating class of 2015. 




pdfJunior School Curriculum Guide 2016.pdf

pdfLower School Curriculum Guide 2016.pdf

pdfCurriculum Guide Middle School 2016.pdf

pdfYear 10 Option Blocks 2016.pdf

pdfIB Course Guide 2016-2017.pdf

pdfIGCSE & IB Exam Results 2016.pdf

pdfIB Results 2003-2016.pdf