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Year 8 Archaeological Museum Trip

15 November 2016

Year 8 trip to the National Archaeological Museum

The Year 8 Archaeological Museum trip was the first educational trip of the year. The journey on the bus was a bit long but we all entertained ourselves by talking with each other, playing games, singing and more. When we reached the museum we were sorted into two groups. We were then happily greeted by our tour guides. After that we placed our bags and began our journey into ancient Greece.


We started our tour by talking about times when people went to sea and the drawings on pans which the men's wives drew to show the weather at sea. We then went onto learning about different types of eras. We were also told about ancient Greek money, the first alphabets, King Agamemnon's death mask, statues and even a device which would tell the Greeks the position of the moon and planets, the famous ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM. We also saw another device which would show the ancient Greeks the date, year (meaning constellation), month and a device which would show when and where either a lunar or solar eclipse would happen.

We were then given a sheet by Mrs Economou and worked in pairs along with our tour guide to solve them. After we finished the sheet we went outside and met the other group. There we had our food, took some group photos, bid our tour guides goodbye and began our journey back to school.

We would like to thank the Archaeological Museum for giving us their time and a very big thank you to Mrs Economou, Mrs Zographou and Ms Meidana for putting effort into this trip.

Thank You for a wonderful time!!

By Kareem Hussein, Year 8

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