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In Aid of Diatrofi

22 November 2016

On Friday 18th November a long and eventful project came to an end. Volunteers from Year 7 to Year 13 had worked well together for more than a month to raise money for the Prolepsis Institute to support the Diatrofi programme ( This programme specialises in providing free, healthy and nutritious meals for children in need all over Greece.


Following the Hallowe’en theme that the project was based on CampionKnights (Campion volunteers in Years 7-11), as well as members of the volunteers’ club from Year 12-13, spent a lot of their free time during half-term holidays baking and making arts and crafts. Everything they made was sold in a bake sale on 1st November as well as in a Hallowe’en gift-selling drive which took place during lunchtimes the week from 31st October to 4th November. The volunteers in Years 12-13 took the initiative one step further. After getting permission from the PRC, they organised a stall at the Bonfire Evening (5th November). Their aim was to present the Diatrofi programme to as many visitors as possible and ask for their donations.

All volunteers worked really hard and did their very best. The outcome of these efforts made everyone happy and proud to be part of the project. All the activities ended in raising the amazing amount of €1930! The money was given to Mrs Veloudaki, the Managing Director of the Prolepsis Institute, at the end of her very interesting presentation to Year 8 and Year 10 pupils who had the opportunity to learn more about the Diatrofi programme and ask questions about what else they can do to help children through Prolepsis.

All who participated in this project were very pleased to be informed by Mrs Veloudaki that the total amount of money that Prolepsis will receive through our initiatives is not €1930 but €3860 (2×€1930) as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation doubles the amount of money raised through donations. This means that Campion School will provide free, healthy meals to a school of 100 pupils in downtown Athens for more than a month!

We would like to thank all those who supported us in any way (Campion pupils, parents and teachers) and made it possible to achieve our goal to improve other children’s lives.

Anastazia Filippopoulou (Y11)
Natalia Gatzionis (Y11)
Sara Al Khashlok (Y11)
Myrto Rozaki (Y12)

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