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Year 9 Cycladic Museum Visit

06 December 2016

On the morning of 5th December Year 9 visited the Museum of Cycladic Art. We explored different aspects of the lives of the ancient Greeks in the 5th Century BC with the help of our tour guides.


We observed the culture in that specific time period and the differences in the lives of men and women. The tour guides showed us typical furniture and toys that were on display. They also explained the symposium (a place of entertainment for males only), aspects of marriage and grooming, athletic activities, war and the pastimes of women. They showed us examples of furniture for various activities and informed us about the meaning and importance of each object. Additionally, they decided to show us a video and a PowerPoint presentation which allowed for better understanding of the ancient Greeks.

Overall, it was a great museum and a superb experience. We would recommend this to next year's Year 9 so they get to experience the great things we did because it was an interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening museum about our ancestors.

Alexia Vogdanos, Anastasia Koulas, Ariadne Lampropoulos, Manos Andreakis, Petros Charagionis and Xavier Taliaferro

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