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31 October 2016 In Alumni Blog

What does Campion mean to you?

Campion was where I met lifelong friends and where I uncovered all of my passions and potential. I had incredible teachers that encouraged me to work hard and nurtured my hidden talents to life. Attending an international school taught me the importance of diversity and prepared me for the world. I’m beyond grateful for my time at Campion!

What A-level subjects did you take and what were your favorite subjects?

19 October 2016 In My Campion

The Karpenisi trip was our best trip yet. We were accompanied by amazing teachers who helped us and took care of us (Ms Giannakaki, Mr D, Mrs Bodington and Mr Yates). After a long journey, we were welcomed by the fresh air of the mountains, green trees surrounding us and our wooden bungalows waiting warm and cozy for us. There was excitement in the air, when our teachers announced our bungalow roommates. We were given an hour to unpack and get ready for lunch. We had the classic and delicious spaghetti and minced meat. Afterwards, we began what I believe was the most fun event of the trip - hiking.

We started our walk by following the blue path (blue arrows were painted on trees, rocks etc.) It was challenging, as I was made leader. We walked through a lovely forest with lakes flowing down and trees were swaying on top of us. The birds were humming and the water was trickling; a completely different atmosphere compared to the one in Athens. We wanted to complete the whole route - however the sun was beginning to set so we began our return journey. When we returned from our incredible, picturesque hike, we prepared for dinner and met up at the common room. In the meantime, the rain was slowly dripping on the double-glazed windows, the fire was crackling and the warm, yummy food was being served. After a lovely meal of chicken and potatoes we were all surprised by Mr D’s lovely birthday cakes for Ali. We spent about one hour celebrating and dancing and departed to rest.

The next day, we were not so lucky with the rainy weather. Determined that this would not defeat us we gobbled up our delicious breakfast and we began our “survival” lessons for the day. Unfortunately, we we not able to do many outdoor activities but nevertheless were we were determined to make the most of it. To begin with, we were split into eight groups. Our aim was to collect as many points as possible in order to help us with the treasure hunt. We began by learning about the history of rock-climbing and then we learnt a few basic knots. Luck was on our side... the rain stopped and finally we went outside. We tried our luck in archery and then enjoyed our lunch at a taverna at the top of the hill. Later, when we returned, we completed an obstacle course, a sack race and also a game of tug-of-war. Afterwards, we were given an hour to rest and have fun with our friends. Our coaches were very busy preparing the artificial rock climbing wall. I must admit, when it was my turn to go up - I was terrified! I tried my best, I tried not to look down. I was proud though of the result! Our evening concluded with dinner. We played a very fun treasure hunt game where we were given many clues and we had to go to the next station. The day was long but we had had so much fun.

Our final few hours were spent taking photographs of the sunrise and the surrounding beauty. We would like to thank all the teachers for giving us this very valuable experience and for sharing a piece of the Greek countryside with us. Thank you!

Yannis Katsikis

Year 8

19 October 2016 In My Campion

For yet another year, pupils of Spanish at Campion delighted us in the annual 'El Dia de la Hispanidad' assembly. With creativity and enthusiasm, they prepared their dialogues, sketches and dances showing their skills and displaying their talent for Spanish. All pupils worked very hard and participated eagerly for which they deserve to be congratulated!

18 October 2016 In Newsflash

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