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07 October 2016 In Alumni Blog

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Personal Life

I am half Greek and half Syrian but due to my father’s work I never settled in one country. I moved from Kenya to Syria to Serbia and eventually ended up back in Greece where I spent the final four years of school studying in Campion, graduating in 2012. I then proceeded to study Molecular Cell Biology at the University of York and I am now going into my second year of Medicine in Kings College London. In other words, I am approaching my fifth year of being Vitamin D deficient.

29 August 2016 In Alumni Blog


Thanos Papasavvas, Economist, Investment and Asset Manager, Class of 1987

Following an in depth interview with Headmaster R.J.O. Meyer in C1, I joined Campion in first grade and graduated in 1987. After Campion I moved to London where I have stayed ever since.

What does Campion mean to you?
The most idyllic childhood only to be hit by the reality of life straight after.
Innocence, fun and friendships for life.

23 June 2016 In Alumni Blog

Rudayna joined Campion in 1976 when her family moved to Athens from Lebanon due to the civil war there. She graduated in 1986 and moved to the States to study at MIT. After many hops along the way her latest home is Abu Dhabi.

What does Campion mean to you?
My 10 years at Campion were an amazing ride – intellectually, culturally, socially.

21 January 2016 In Alumni Blog

Gaspare Manos
« The Venice Paintings »

Opening with the presence of the artist
Thursday January 21th from 6pm to 8.30pm

The realm of visual recollection takes in a far greater field of phenomena than the chromatic
sphere alone; among the ingredients of our memory, our data base of recollected witnessings,
are to be found tastes and smells, textures registered not only by the eyes alone but also by the
fingertips, temperatures and humidities which mingle together to capture a precise recalling of
qualities of light, times of the day and of the year: a cornucopia of sensations which, evoked in
their totality, enabled the great painter Willem de Kooning to declare, painting is a glimpse,
and long before him, Leonardo da Vinci to insist, una cosa mentale –painting is a thing of the
Gaspare Manos is able to avail himself of a particularly rich spectrum of visual experiences
stored in his accumulative spice-chest of sensations, atmospheres, phanopoeia: from the
Thailand of his birth to the Kenya of his childhood, from his formative years in farflung
localities from Greece to Switzerland, London to Paris, from the Venice and Dalmatia of his
ancestors to contemporary Hong Kong or Manhattan.