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06 June 2017 In My Campion

Once again, the pupils in EAL demonstrated their knowledge of English by performing sketches for an assembly. First, pupils in Year 1 pretended they were going on a bus journey, where every passenger delayed the trip by having to get off the bus to retrieve a personal item. Just when they thought they were finally all set to go, the irritated bus driver, played by Vasoula, realised she had left the bus keys behind! Next on stage, the pupils in Year 4 got all dressed up with false noses, hairy toes and dinosaur spikes to recite a poem about the importance of liking yourself regardless of your appearance. Last but not least, Year 3 performed a version of The Little Red Hen whose friends wouldn’t help her do all the hard work of sowing the seeds to make flour for baking some bread but later bitterly regretted it!

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and recited their well-practised lines with enthusiasm and expression as they worked on learning new expressions, vocabulary and correct intonation. Congratulations to all of them!

J Walter EAL