Careers Week Programme

20 October 2016

The Career Week Programme (CWP) is offered every June/July after having been successfully in 2014/15. Each year, Year 11 and Year 12 students are encouraged to participate in the programme with the aim of attaining a realistic and better understanding of work activities carried out in different professional environments. Ultimately, this helps the student to make informed decisions regarding tertiary studies and a career path.


The programme involves students being placed in a professional environment for up to five consecutive days during normal business hours to observe work practices and make enquiries regarding work procedures and tasks. This gives the student the "next-best-thing" feeling of what it would be like to be working. The professional sectors covered in the 2015/16 programme were veterinary science, medical, law, lab research, fashion, architecture and design, manufacturing, professional services, art, shipping and insurance.

Student Comments and Company Feedback

Students’ personal comments from the CWP:

“This programme has been a useful and enriching experience for me, as from the beginning I felt welcomed and involved. I learned that the organisation includes many laboratories focused on different sectors of immunobiology.”

“The people there were very welcoming and extremely helpful. They immediately helped me adopt to their environment, explained in depth their purpose and described their work to help me achieve a deeper understanding.”

“My experience on this programme helped me improve my communication skills, my time management and expanded my knowledge on building websites and organising them. It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to next year's career week programme.”

“I really enjoyed being there. The staff was very kind and I learnt many new things about the industry. This work experience has proved to me that I strongly want to go into fashion.”

“I learnt a lot about how a clinic operates and really enjoyed my work experience.”

“I believe that I became more observant and I also became very comfortable with talking to doctors and surgeons.”

“I loved the experience! I learnt many things and I also got to work in the control room and put the shots on air for about 20 minutes!”

“There was no activity that I found uninteresting.”

“The opportunity to be able to take part in the Career Work Programme kept me immensely pleased as each working day went past.”

“I really enjoyed going to xxxxxx, it was a fun and interesting experience. I learnt a lot about the creative and management areas of setting up exhibitions and running an art gallery.”

“I saw how world events can impact the way an airport is run (ie terrorism) and how a system as complicated as this can upgrade without ever closing since its opening in 2001.”

“I learned that in a private surgery the relationship between doctor and patients is much more intimate. I also learned that in paediatrics the relationship with the parents is equally, if not more, important.”

“I feel my communication skills and perceptive skills have improved.”

“From this programme I have developed skills such as being able to travel by myself without needing help. I got lost on the second day and was able to find the vet myself by using my new awareness skills by observing the places around me and trying to find a familiar place- it was a coffee shop that the vet orders coffee from everyday. The activities were all fun and very interesting.”

Feedback from the organisations:

“It was our pleasure to have her! I think that she is very determined and will succeed in whatever she chooses to do in the future.”

“Very focused on and passionate about Architecture.”

“Should xxxxx finally decide to study fashion journalism and publishing, XXXXXX will welcome her at any time to offer her advise and expertise.”

“As Sales Manager I appreciated a lot xxxxxx, she worked with conscientiousness and dedication. I believe that the Career Week is a definite added value for businesses and students. I hope that we will have the chance to have her back next year.”

“xxxxxx is an absolute treasure. She is very engaged, diligent and bright. She has used the opportunity well to speak with various types of lawyers to gain insight into what working life as a lawyer is like. We wish her every success!”

“I was most impressed by his mature attitude and willingness to engage. He was set some challenging research tasks and took to them with enthusiasm and came up with some very good answers. This led to further discussions and development of the topics. Well done!”

“Congratulations - excellent performance!”

“xxxxxx's contribution in the setting up of the scheduled art exhibition as well as other related activities was catalytic for our organisation. We really appreciate her strong effort and performance. She excelled at everything she did. xxxxx was able to provide high quality work. We are impressed by how proactive and devoted she is.”

“xxxxxxx is a very talented student and she will be very successful in Science if she decides to pursue this career path. Her experiments worked and she kept a very organised notebook like a real researcher”.

“xxxxxx is a very knowledgable and capable young woman.”

“Overall a well-balanced, polite personality with genuine enthusiasm for Automotive Engineering and Engineers. Excellent communication skills, respect for the corporate environment and its people.”

“We found the quality of this initiative very high and we look forward to participating again next year in helping more young students make more informative decisions regarding their future and to achieve their academic goals.”

CWP Companies in 2015-2016

1. Arcadia University (Alumna)
2. Athens International Airport SA 
3. Athens Medical Centre Marousi 
4. Attica Media Publications 
5. ΒΙΟΙΑΤRΙΚI (Alumnus)
6. Carsten Niemer - Sophia Komna & Partners – Law firm
7. Cellular Immunology Laboratory, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens
8. Child-Health, Private Paediatric Surgery
9. Coca Cola 3E (alumnus)
10. Consolidated Contractors Company, CCC
11. Edge Architects (Alumna) 
12. ELEPAP-rehabilitation for the disabled 
14. The Fashion Desk – Retail and Importer of women’s clothing and accessories 
15. Flora Dakoronia – Veterinary clinic 
16. Greek Travel Pages
17. Hill & Knowlton Strategies – Marketing and Advertising 
18. Holland Hellenic Shipping Agencies Ltd 
19. Inter IKEA Consultancy Services Greece SA
21. Lilly Pharmaceuticals (Alumnus)
22. Metamatic:taf – art and exhibition centre 
23. NewTelevision SA (STAR Channel)
24. New Shipping Limited 
25. Potamitis-Vekris Law Partnership 
26. PwC 
27. Stirixis Group – design/consultants/create business environments 
28. Sun of a Beach – Beach towels and accessories 
29. Toyota Hellas SA 
30. V Scotiniotis – Osteopath (Alumnus)
31. We design – Architecture/interior design 
32. West of England (Hellas) Ltd – Shipping insurance 


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