Campion Competitors Take Awards in Panhellenic Forensics

5 April 2021 Categories My Campion

Campion School Forensic team of ten talented youngsters ( they really were some of the youngest there!) competed in the Panhellenic Forensics Tournament online on the weekend of April 2-4th.

This unique competition brings together the brightest and best debaters, orators and actors in a country-wide contest which normally takes place at a host school. This time our host was the Zoom platform and it was still a thrill to see how many participants (over 300) that took part.

The organisers did a brilliant job of setting up the breakout rooms, training the volunteers and the judges, who needed quite a bit of hand-holding to deal with all the technology, despite our online experience during lockdown.

Competition is tough, and it takes a few years to gain experience in the events. A place in the finals is regarded as a real achievement and then only one is chosen from those four or five winners.

Congratulations then goes to Miral Antar,  Year 8, who won ‘First Among Equals’ as a finalist in the Oral Interpretation event. An honourable mention too, to Tristan Dewitt , Year 9 , in Impromptu. Even more remarkable,  it was their first time in Forensics!

Thank you to the staff who helped out by coaching and especially Mr Oikonomopoulos and Mrs Salter who helped judge the weekend events.

V Bodington

Forensics coach