Beginning of Term for Juniors

8 January 2021 Categories Junior

Dear Parents,

If you have been keeping abreast of the news this week, you will have seen that there has been much discussion surrounding the re-opening of physical schools. At the time of writing this letter, the Junior School Campus will be able to open from Monday 11th January.  We are aware that there are ongoing discussions and any necessary changes to the schedule will be communicated with you via email as soon we are able to.

Please note that:

  • Pupils from NUR to Y7 will return to physical school at 9 am on Monday 11th January.
    • Canteen will begin on Monday 18th January.
    • After school clubs/activities are planned to begin on Monday 18th January.
    • Peripatetic music lessons will begin straight away.
    • Bus services will run as usual, leaving the school at approximately 3.30 pm.
    • Collection of Junior children should be at 3.15 pm.
  • Teaching for pupils in Years 8-13 remains online. We do not currently have an anticipated date of return.
As we return to school following the prolonged absence, I would like to remind you of some of the key safety requirements needed to keep our community safe. Teachers will be spending time re-establishing/reinforcing these routines with their classes. Your help in reinforcing the importance of these with your children is appreciated.
  • All children/staff/visitors must wear a mask on campus, both inside and outside.
  • Regular hand washing/sanitising will be promoted.
  • Safe social distancing will be promoted.
  • Rooms will be well ventilated and, whilst weather permits, we will make the most of the outdoor areas, do make sure your child has warm clothing, including a coat.
  • Any child with a temperature of 37.3 °C or above or showing signs of being unwell should be kept at home.

As I am sure you are aware, the government also made recommendations concerning the safe opening of school campuses, namely a staggering of the school day, different entrances/exits to buildings – something that Campion already has in place.

In addition to the measures initiated last term and already in place, we would also like to strengthen our pick up and drop off measures to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Children are now well aware of morning procedures and parents/drivers are requested to ‘drop off at the gate and go’ in the mornings. In the afternoon, we request that parents/drivers leave the school premises as soon as they have picked up their child/children. For those who need to wait for children in Year 7, you are asked to return to your cars, with your younger children, and wait there for the Year 7 children to exit the premises.

As we return from the holiday, some of our families will inevitably have travelled both within Greece and internationally. All staff and children are expected to follow appropriate government regulations before returning to school. Travel regulations have been changing regularly and today the government announced new measures requiring a seven-day quarantine period followed by a negative PCR test to exit quarantine. This applies to all travellers entering Greece. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the relevant travel advice for your own family circumstances and vital for our community’s safety. Please inform the office if your child will be absent from school in order to fulfil quarantine or self-isolating requirements.

Although we do not know what lies ahead of us in the coming months, it is with great pleasure that I look forward to welcoming our children back into school on Monday. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all a very happy and healthy 2021.

Best Regards
Judi Korakaki