Book Amnesty

26 January 2021 Categories Junior

Dear Parents,

At Campion, all pupils enjoy borrowing books from our library, which is full of exciting reading. Unfortunately, over the extended lockdown, some books did not make their way back to school. The Junior School has decided, therefore, to have a ‘book amnesty’! Now is the time to check whether you have any outstanding books that belong to the school and bring them back. You can assure your children that nobody will be questioned or checked!

We do not mind how long you have been in possession of a school book; we would just love to have it returned. Please look under the bed, behind the sofa, etc. and dig out any books which belong to Campion.

No one will be counting how many you return – we will just be delighted to get them back! Also, if you have any children’s books in good condition which your family no longer requires, in any language, we would also be delighted to offer them a new home.

Kind regards,

Effie Panagopoulou
Assistant Head
Greek Language and Culture Coordinator