Campion’s MUN stronger than ever!

5 February 2021 Categories My Campion

Despite the current restrictions imposed by COVID-19, Campion’s MUN club is stronger than ever with active weekly online participation.

The club is hosted every Thursday evening from 7pm-8pm by our MUN adviser and organizer Ms G Theoharopoulou and run by students. Members of the MUN organising team Dimitris Alexopoulos, Katerina Tsenekou and Yiannis Katsikis act as moderators and take over the club on a rotational weekly basis. During our sessions we advise delegates, discuss MUN issues, debate and practice. This is a great way to keep connected during the pandemic as well as helping delegates to build up their confidence when attending Campion’s and other school’s MUN conferences. It also gives a chance for prospective chairs to sharpen their skills and get some real-world experience.

Overall, it has been a great success and we are very happy to continue the MUN tradition even in times of crisis. Following CSMUN in October we prepared delegates, training them to write effective resolutions and, through mock debates on a wide variety of topics, for CGSMUN in December. Now, we are preparing for ACGMUN, which is to take place in March.

Dimitris Alexopoulos

Year 12