Collection of IB Diplomas

18 September 2020 Categories Senior

Dear Parents and Year 13 graduates,

The official IB Diplomas are now ready for collection from school.

As the Diplomas are important documents, which are required for university registration and may possibly be required for future job applications, we do not post them but request that you come into school and sign for them in person.

With regard to the legalised/apostille Diplomas, the IB has informed us that these may be late as embassies and consulates have faced delays because of lockdowns. It may take up to the end of October before all legalised documents are sent to the school. Please phone me to confirm if your legalised document has been received before coming into school to collect your documents.

Because of the Covid health and safety restrictions, we can only provide limited access to the school grounds. Therefore, the school will be open for you to collect the diplomas from 3.45pm to 5.00pm every afternoon until Friday, 2nd October.

It would be much appreciated if you could confirm, by email, which day and approximate time you intend to come into school. If you have a sibling still in school, they can collect the documents during school hours, so long as I receive email confirmation of this.

Finally, on behalf of the Headmaster and all the teaching staff I would like to wish you all a very enjoyable and successful academic year.

Kind regards,

Mrs Varey

IB Coordinator