IB Results and University Placement 2003-2022

PointsUniversityCourseGrad. Year
45King’s College LondonAustralia, Law following gap year2021
45University of CambridgeEngineering2017
45University College, LondonMedicine2010
45University of OxfordLaw2008
45St Catharine’s College, CambridgeMedicine2007
45Universite Pantheon, Sorbonne, ParisLaw2022
45Universite Pantheon, Sorbonne, ParisLaw2022
44University of NicosiaMedicine2021
44Warwick UniversityEconomics2021
44University of OxfordEnglish Literature2013
44Southampton UniversityMechanical Engineering2011
44University College DublinMedicine2007
44University of CambridgeGeography2006
44Lund University, SwedenMaster of Science in Engineering2022
44Lund University, SwedenMaster of Science in Engineering2022
43Gap year Australia2021
43Bristol UniversityPsychology2021
43OxfordHistory of Art2020
43LeedsMathematics and Music2020
43Cambridge UniversityLaw2019
43Gap Year2017
43Univerisity of ManchesterMedicine2017
43University of OxfordLaw2017
43Queen’s Univeristy of BelfastPharmacology2013
43Univerisity of Newcastle Upon TyneLaw2006
43Univerisity of ManchesterLife Sciences2005
43University College, LondonMedicine2004
43Imperial College, LondonCivil Engineering2004
43University of OxfordPhysics2004
43University College, LondonLaw2004
43University of CambridgeMathematics2004
43University College, LondonHistory & French2003
43UCLUrban Planning, Design and Management2022
43University of BristolLaw2022
43UCLUrban Planning, Design and Management2022
43University of BristolLaw2022
42Trinity College DublinMechanical Engineering2021
42ESADE Business School, BarcelonaGlobal Governance, Economics & Legal Order2021
42University of AmsterdamEconometrics2021
42University College DublinEconomics and Finance2021
42UCLHistory, Politics and Economics2021
42PlymouthBiomedical Science2020
42Imperial College LondonBiochemistry2019
42University of EdinburghMedicine2017
42Imperial College, LondonAeronautical Engineering2016
42Univeristy of BathPsychology2015
42St Catharine’s College, CambridgeEngineering2010
42Imperial College, LondonComputer Science / Software2005
42University of St. AndrewsHistory & Politics2004
42Universidad de Autonoma de MadridMedicine2022
42Universidad de Autonoma de MadridMedicine2022
41Copenhagen Business SchoolInternational Business2021
41St AndrewsClassical Studies2021
41Warwick UniversityMathematics, Operational Research,2021
41University of StrathclydeNaval Architecture & Marine Engineering2021
41University of TorontoEngineering2021
41KentPsychology with Forensic Psychology2020
41Italia ContiActing2018
41UCD DublinPolitics & Int’l Relations and Sociology2017
41University of BristolMedicine2017
41King’s College, LondonLaw2017
41Acibadem University, IstanbulMedicine2016
41University of BristolLaw2015
41University of SouthamptonMedicine2014
41Univeristy of Michigan, USAAeronautical Engineering2010
41University of St. AndrewsEconomics & Int’l Relations2009
41University of OxfordPhysiological Sciences2008
41University of DurhamPhysics2005
41University of OxfordBiological Sciences2004
41University of Amsterdam, ThePPLE: Politics, Psychology, Law and2022
41Justus Liebig University, GermanyMedicine2022
41University of Amsterdam, ThePPLE: Politics, Psychology, Law and2022
41Justus Liebig University, GermanyMedicine2022
40Les Ateliers Beaux-arts de ParisArt Foundation2021
40BathManagement with Marketing2021
40University of BristolLaw2019
40UCLSocial Sciences2018
40University of DundeeMedicine2018
40University of EdinburghMechanical Engineering2017
40SurreyMathematics with Music2016
40Univeristy of WarwickTheatre and Performance Studies2015
40Imperial College, LondonMechanical Engineering2014
40University of EdinburghPhysics2013
40University of EdinburghPhysics2013
40Univerisity of CardiffArchitectural Studies2011
40University of DurhamGeoscience2009
40Imperial College, LondonMathematics2009
40University College, LondonArchitecture2005
40University of CambridgeSocial & Political Sciences2004
40University of YorkPsychology2022
40UCLApplied Medical Sciences2022
40Gap Year2022
40Imperial College, LondonElectrical and Electronic Engineering2022
40University of EdinburghLaw2022
40University of YorkPsychology2022
40UCLApplied Medical Sciences2022
40Gap Year2022
40Imperial College, LondonElectrical and Electronic Engineering2022
40University of EdinburghLaw2022
39University of Nova de Lisboa, PortugalScience of Communication2021
39Glasgow School of ArtFoundation in Art & Design2021
39ExeterSociology and Anthropology with Study Abroad2020
39King’sBusiness Management2020
39University of EdinburghBiological Sciences2019
39King’s CollegePolitics2018
39University of BirminghamChemical Engineering2018
39Loyola Marymount, USABiochemistry2018
39Vassar College, USALiberal Arts2016
39Yale University, USALiberal Arts2016
39University of EdinburghHistory2014
39Glasgow School of ArtCommunication Design2014
39University of GlasgowSociology2013
39University of GlasgowPsychology2013
39University of NottinghamLaw2013
39University of DundeeArt and Design2012
39Georgetown University, USASchool of Foreign Affairs2010
39Newcastle UniversityComputing Science2010
39University of St AndrewsEconomics2009
39KAIST, KoreaChemical and Biomolecular Engineering2009
39University of WarwickHistory & Politics2008
39University of WarwickPolitics & International Relations20072007
39University of WarwickManagement2007
39University of SouthhamptonActuarial Science2005
39ItalyWaiting for exam results2022
39University College, Roosevelt, The NetherlandsLiberal Arts and Sciences2022
39University of BathPsychology2022
39University of GlasgowBiochemistry2022
39Queen Mary, LondonBusiness Management2022
39University of WarwickEconomics2022
39UCLElectronic and Electrical Engineering2022
39ItalyWaiting for exam results2022
39University College, Roosevelt, The NetherlandsLiberal Arts and Sciences2022
39University of BathPsychology2022
39University of GlasgowBiochemistry2022
39Queen Mary, LondonBusiness Management2022
39University of WarwickEconomics2022
39UCLElectronic and Electrical Engineering2022
38University Hacettepe, AnkaraMedicine2021
38University of NavarreMedicine2021
38Cattolica University, MilanPsychology2021
38AberystwythCreative Arts2020
38StrathclydeInternational Business with a Modern Language2020
38King’s CollegeLaw2019
38Deree College, AthensLiberal Arts and Music Performance2018
38University of BathCivil and Architectural Engineering2018
38University of BristolEconomics2018
38The University of WarwickLaw with French Law2017
38The University of EdinburghChemistry2017
38University of the Arts LondonCostume for Theatre and Screen2017
38The Hague UniversityInternational and European Law2017
38University of SussexPsychology2017
38Royal Northern College of Music, MancheMusic2016
38University of BristolPsychology2015
38University of BathSocial Sciences2015
38Camberwell College of ArtsArt and Design Foundation2014
38University of WarwickPhilosophy, Politics and Economics2014
38University of DundeeBiochemistry2014
38King’s College LondonEnglish Law with German Law2014
38University of ExeterEconomics and Management2013
38University of EdinburghBusiness Studies2011
38University of EdinburghBiological Sciences2011
38University of CardiffMedicine2011
38University of East AngliaNatural Sciences2011
38University of KentPsychology & Social Anthropology2010
38University of BathBusiness Administration2010
38University College LondonBiochemistry2007
38University of SheffieldArchitecture2007
38University-The NetherlandsEconomics/Business2006
38University of WarwickManagement2005
38Camberwell College of ArtsArt & Design2004
38University of Newcastle Upon TyneMusic & Spanish2004
38University College LondonMedicine2003
38University of BathAerospace Engineering2022
38University of BathAerospace Engineering2022
37Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USAMechanical Engineering2021
37SussexPsychology with Neuroscience2020
37Vrije Universiteit, AmsterdamPsychology2020
37University of SurreyEconomics2019
37King’s CollegeBiochemistry2019
37University of KentPsychology2019
37University of Navarra, SpainMedicine2019
37Cardiff UniversityArchitecture2018
37The University of ManchesterEconomics and Philosophy2017
37King’s College, LondonBiomedical Engineering2016
37EdinburghChemistry with Industrial Experience2016
37King’s College, LondonElectronic and Information Engineering2016
37Loughborough UniversityChemical Engineering2015
37University of ManchesterBiochemistry with Industrial/Professional experience2014
37Gap Year2014
37Gap Year2014
37University of ManchesterBiotechnology2013
37Imperial College LondonElectrical and Electronic Engineering with Management2012
37University of EssexTheatre Arts2011
37University of BrightonArchitecture2011
37University of NewcastleArchitectural Studies2009
37University of NottinghamNeurological Sciences2007
37University of SheffieldArchitecture2004
37University of BristolBiochemistry2004
37University of St AndrewsEnglish Literature2004
37Erasmus University, The NetherlandsPsychology, Communication and Media2022
37University of ManchesterArchitecture2022
37Erasmus University, The NetherlandsPsychology, Communication and Media2022
37University of ManchesterArchitecture2022
36King’s College LondonSport and Exercise/Medical Sciences2021
36University of Twente, the NetherlandsMechanical Engineering2021
36UCD (University College Dublin)English Literature2021
36University of NottinghamClassics and English2021
36ReadingEntrepreneurship and Management with Placement Experience2020
36University of Veterinary Medicine, BudapestVeterinary Science2020
36University of AmsterdamBusiness Administration2020
36CityBusiness Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship2020
36Bocconi, MilanEconomics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment2020
36LancasterHistory and International Relations2020
36York UniversityLaw2019
36University of BathBiology2019
36University of WestminsterFilm2019
36University of BathMechanical Engineering2019
36Gap Year2019
36University of KentEuropean Legal Studies2018
36University of SurreyBusiness Management2018
36University of KentDrama & English/American Literature2018
36University of BristolPhysiological Science2017
36University of YorkLaw2017
36University of AmsterdamUniversity of Amsterdam2017
36BathPolitics and International Relations.2016
36University of ExeterBusiness and Management with Industrial Experience2014
36Tufts University, USALiberal Arts2014
36University of GlasgowNeuroscience2013
36University of YorkAccounting, Business Finance and Managem2012
36University of GlasgowPsychology/Theatre Studies2012
36Kent UniversityPsychology2012
36University of YorkMolecular Cell Biology2012
36University of GlasgowMechanical Engineering2012
36University of ExeterInt’l Relations and Italian2011
36University of NewcastleArchitectural Studies2011
36University of WarwickBiomedical Sciences2011
36University of KentLaw2011
36University of SouthamptonPsychology2010
36University of SheffieldArchitecture2009
36University College for the Creative ArtsArt and Design Foundation2008
36University of SouthamptonPsychology2008
36University of St AndrewsPsychology2008
36University of LancasterEconomics and Politics2008
36University of NottinghamPolitics & International Relations2007
36University of EdinburghBiotechnology2006
36University of SouthamptonEngineering2006
36University of St AndrewsManagement with French2006
36University of BathBusiness Administration2003
36University of SheffieldArchitecture2003
36University of AberdeenMedicine2003
36University of EdinburghMental Philosophy2003
36University of Calgary, CanadaSoftware Engineering2022
36Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, GermanyComputational Linguistics2022
36Charles University, Prague, Czech RepublicMedicine2022
36University of Amsterdam-NetherlandsCommunication Studies2022
36University of Calgary, CanadaSoftware Engineering2022
36Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, GermanyComputational Linguistics2022
36Charles University, Prague, Czech RepublicMedicine2022
36University of Amsterdam-NetherlandsCommunication Studies2022
35UAL (University of the Arts London)Fine Art2021
35Codarts, The NetherlandsJazz2021
35Hult International Business School, LondonBusiness Administration2021
35KentInternational Business with a Placement Year2020
35AberdeenBiomedical Science2020
35EdinburghChemical Engineering2020
35University of GlasgowAstronomy and Physics2019
35University of KentLaw2019
35University of KentInternational Business with a year in Industry2019
35University of SurreySociology2019
35University of AmsterdamPsychology2018
35University of AberdeenElectrical and Electronic Engineering2018
35University of BathMechanical and Electrical Engineering2017
35The University of NottinghamPhysiotherapy2017
35East AngliaPsychology2016
35Royal HollowayApplied Psychology2016
35Falmouth UniversityFine Art2015
35University of YorkPolitics and International Relations2013
35University of KentManagement and Marketing2013
35Queen Mary College, LondonBusiness Management2013
35University of ExeterPsychology2013
35University of Creative ArtsArt and Design Foundation2013
35Lancaster UniversityBusiness and Marketing2013
35City University LondonJournalism2013
35Cardiff UniversityGeography2013
35Newcastle UniversityLaw2013
35Cardiff UniversityInternational Business Management2013
35University of LeedsPhysiology2013
35University of BirminghamModern Languages2012
35Southampton UniversityHistory2012
35University of NewcastleBiomedical Sciences2012
35Loughborough UniversityEnglish Literature & Drama2010
35University of SurreyMaths2008
35University of HullMedicine2007
35University of KentEnglish & American Literature2007
35University of SheffieldBusiness Studies2006
35University – AustraliaChemical Engineering2005
35University of WarwickBiological/Biomedical Sciences2005
35College of William & Mary,VI, USAEducation/Russian2004
35Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonSociology2003
35Deree College, AthensTheatre Studies2003
35King’s College LondonDentistry2003
35University of KentFilm Studies & English2003
35Imperial College LondonMechanical Engineering2003
34ECSP Business School, ParisManagement2021
34University of WarsawMedicine2021
34ReadingBusiness Economics with Placement Year2020
34Mount Saint Vincent, CanadaCommunication2020
34Loughborough UniversityArchitectural Engineering and Design Management2019
34Queen Mary University of LondonMarketing and Management2019
34Cambridge School of Visual & Performing ArtsFoundation Diploma in Art & Design2018
34Nottingham TrentInterior Architecture and Design2018
34Nottingham UniversityPsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience2018
34Bentley University2017
34SouthamptonBiomedical Sciences2016
34Queen’s College, BelfastPsychology2016
34Gap Year2016
34Leuwen University, the NetherlandsEngineering2015
34The Architectural AssociationArchitecture2013
34Holland, The HagueBusiness Administration2013
34University of ManchesterFoundation Course Electronic Engineering2013
34University of MiamiMusical Theatre2013
34University of ExeterPsychology2013
34University of BathCivil Engineering2012
34University of ArtsFashion Management2012
34University of ExeterPsychology2012
34University of LancasterEconomics and International Relations2012
34University of Creative ArtsFoundation Course in Art and Design2011
34Lancaster UniversityManagement and Entrepreneurship2011
34University of KentLaw2011
34Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonMedia Arts2011
34Lancaster UniversityBusiness Economics2010
34University of SurreyCivil Engineering2010
34University of WarwickCivil Engineering2010
34University of SussexSociology2009
34University of LiverpoolArchitecture2009
34Georgetown University, USAInternational Relations2008
34Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonMusic2008
34University of SurreyCreative Music2008
34University College for the Creative ArtsArt and Design foundation2008
34University of Newcastle Upon TyneBiomedical Sciences2007
34Goldsmiths CollegeDrama & Theatre2005
34University of KentBusiness Studies2005
34London College of FashionArt & Design Foundation2005
34University College LondonHistory of Art2004
34University of BathMod. Languages & European Studies2004
34Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonInternational Business2004
34University of EssexModern History and Politics2003
34University of BathSociology2003
34University of BathComputer Systems Engineering2022
34City University, LondonBusiness and Marketing2022
34University of BathComputer Systems Engineering2022
34City University, LondonBusiness and Marketing2022
33University of AmsterdamMedia and Culture2021
33CityInternational Business with Term Abroad and Placement Year2020
33YorkSocial and Political Sciences2020
33KentBusiness Psychology with a Placement Year2020
33Oxford Brookes UniversityArchitecture2019
33University of SurreyMaths2019
33University of East AngliaChild Nursing2019
33New York University, USAArt, Media & Communications2018
33Loyola Marymount, USA2018
33University of SurreyElectronical Engineering2018
33Deree College, AthensCommunications2018
33Met Film SchoolPractical Filmmaking2017
33University of the Arts LondonFoundation Diploma in Art and Design2017
33Queen Mary, LondonDesign, Innovation and Creative Engineering2016
33LancasterAdvertising and Marketing2016
33Northeastern University, USAEngineering2016
33SurreyInternational Events Management2016
33Wheaton University, USAClassics2015
33Boston University, USAPsychology2015
33University of AberdeenLaw and Economics2014
33University of PlymouthBiomedical Sciences2011
33Heriot-Watt UniversityPsychology2011
33University of ExeterInt’l Relations and Spanish2011
33University of DundeeHistory and Politics2011
33Emerson College, USATheatre2010
33UCA FarnhamArt Foundation2010
33University of LeedsBiological Sciences2009
33City UniversityEconomics2009
33Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonDrama and English2008
33University of LoughboroughMaterials Engineering2008
33Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonBusiness Management2008
33University of DundeeCivil Engin/Design & Project Mang.2007
33EICAR, ParisFilm Production2007
33University of Newcastle Upon TyneDentistry2006
33University of SussexBiomedical Sciences2006
33University College LondonSpeech & Language Therapy2005
33Kent Institute of Art & DesignArt & Design Foundation2005
33University of SouthamptonEconomics2005
33Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonInternational Business2004
33Erasmus University Rotterdam, The NetherlandsPsychology2022
33Erasmus University Rotterdam, The NetherlandsPsychology2022
32Groningen University, The NetherlandsMathematics2021
32Wentworth Institute of Technology, USAEngineering2021
32NewcastleGeography and Planning2020
32University of KentDigital Arts2019
32Newcastle UniversityComputer Science2019
32San Diego State University, USA2018
32Queen MaryBusiness Management2018
32University of SurreyBusiness Management2017
32Oxford Brookes UniversityPsychology2017
32University of KentUniversity of Kent2017
32KentApplied Psychology with Clinical Psychology2016
32University of NottinghamArchitectural Environment Engineering2014
32Leeds College of ArtArt and Design Foundation2014
32University of KentBusiness Management2013
32Heriot WattChemical Engineering2012
32University of KentArchitecture2012
32Robert GordonCommunication Design2012
32IESEG School of Management, FranceManagement2012
32University of KentBiomedical Sciences2011
32University of YorkEnvironmental Geography2010
32Lancaster UniversityPPE2010
32University of CardiffMechanical Engineering2009
32University of KentPsychology2009
32University of SussexBusiness & Management Studies2008
32University of BrightonArt and Design Foundation2008
32University of LeicesterLaw2008
32University of KentArchitecture2007
32University of SurreyCulture, Media & Communications2007
32University of ReadingManagement & Business Admin.2006
32University of BathInt’l. Management & Spanish2006
32University of SouthamptonMathematics & Finance2006
32University of SouthamptonMechanical Engineering2006
32University – AustraliaManagement2006
32Kingston UniversityMedia & Cultural Studies2005
32St Martins College of Art & DesignArt & Design Foundation2003
31Amsterdam Fashion AcademyFashion Marketing2021
31SpainVeterinary Science2020
31University of KentComputer Science2019
31University of SurreyBusiness Management2019
31Royal HollowayLiberal Arts2018
31Queen MaryGeography2018
31Robert GordonOccupational Therapy2018
31University of ReadingBusiness Management2018
31University of ReadingFood Marketing and Business Economics2017
31Gap Year2014
31University of EssexPhilosophy, Politics and Economics2014
31University of ManchesterFoundation Course Civil Engineering2013
31Deree CollegeBusiness2013
31University of KentEconomics and Finance2013
31Loughborough UniversityInternational Relations2012
31University of KentBusiness Studies2012
31Portsmouth UniversityArchitecture2012
31University of SurreyPolitics2011
31École Grégoire-Ferrandi, ParisCulinary School2011
31Liverpool John Moore’s UniversityArchitecture2010
31Newcastle UniversityBiomedical sciences2010
31Skidmore College, USADance2010
31Robert Gordon UniversityArt & Design Foundation2009
31University of SurreySociology2009
31University of HullTheatre and Performance2009
31University of SurreyFinancial Services Management2008
31University of GlasgowSports Medicine2007
31Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonDrama & Theatre Studies2006
31University of EssexEconomics2006
31University of HullPsychology2006
31Norwich School of Art & DesignArt & Design Foundation2005
31University of Wales, BangorChildhood Studies & Psychology2005
31University of BathPharmacy2004
31Southampton InstituteArt & Design Foundation2004
31Chelsea School of Art & DesignArt & Design Foundation2003
31University of SurreyBusiness Management2022
31American College of Greece, DereeMedia/Journalism2022
31University of SurreyBusiness Management2022
31American College of Greece, DereeMedia/Journalism2022
30IDC, IsraelCommunications2020
30Metropolitan College, AthensPhysiotherapy2018
30University of LeicesterCriminology2017
30Aston UniversityElectrical and Electronic Engineering2017
30LoughboroughCivil Engineering with Foundation Year2016
30Nottingham TrentFashion Marketing and Branding2016
30YorkEnvironment, Economics and Ecology2016
30University of KentEnglish and French Law2015
30Loughborough UniversityArchitectural Engineering and Design Management2014
30University of EssexInternational Relations and Politics2013
30University of EssexHistory and Politics2013
30Kingston UniversityArt and Design Foundation2012
30The HagueManagement2012
30City UniversityElectrical and Electronic Engineering2011
30City UniversityComputer Science & Artificial Intelligence2011
30University of WestministerBusiness Economics2009
30University of DundeeArchitecture2009
30University of Toronto, CanadaBusiness and Management2008
30University of SussexEconomics and Philosophy2008
30University of WarwickManagement & Marketing2007
30University of KentBritish & French Law2007
30University of KentPsychology2006
30Camberwell College of ArtsArt & Design Foundation2005
30University of YorkPolitics & International Relations2005
30Nottingham Trent UniversityBusiness Studies2004
30University of SouthamptonPolitics2004
30Connecticut College, CN, USAEnglish Literature2004
30Southampton UniversityPolitics & International Relations2004
30Bristol West EnglandSociology2004
30Chelsea College of Art & DesignFoundation2004
30University of BathChemistry & Management2003
30University of KentBiomedical Sciences2003
29AbertayComputer Games Technology2020
29University of Belgrade, Serbia2020
29University of KentLaw2019
29Xian Jiaotong, China2019
29Royal Academy of Art – The HagueArt2019
29Amsterdam Fashion InstituteInternational Fashion Branding2018
29University of KentPsychology2017
29Glasgow Caledonian UniversityMedia and Communication2017
29Deree College, AthensInt’l Hospitality and Tourism Management2017
29University of PortsmouthBusiness and Management2017
29Gap Year2014
29Oxford BrookesPsychology2012
29University of EssexBiochemistry2012
29UCA EpsomArt Foundation2010
29Lancaster UniversityPPE2010
29University of SurreySociology, Culture & Media2009
29Deree College, AthensTheatre & Music Studies2007
29Royal Holloway, Univ. of LondonManagement2007
29University of ExeterBusiness & Management2007
29University of SurreyLaw2007
29Kent Institute of Art & DesignArt & Design Foundation2006
29Brighton UniversityIndustrial/Product Design2005
29University of WestministerArchitecture/Interior Design Foundation2003
29King’s College LondonGeography2003
29Goldsmiths CollegeMedia & Modern Literature2003
29Aston UniversityBusiness Admin & Human Psych.2003
28IDC – IsraelDouble Major in Business & Entrepreneurship2018
28University of Twente, HollandCreative Technologies Bsc2018
28Royal HollowayBusiness and Management2018
28Clark University, USA2018
28London Metropolitan UniversityLaw (with International Relations)2017
28University of ReadingComputer Science2017
28Tel Aviv University, IsraelElectrical Engineering2014
28Hertfordshire UniversityBusiness Management2012
28Leiden University, the NetherlandsInternational Relations/Politics2012
28Charles University, PragueMedicine2011
28University of LincolnArchitecture2010
28The Architectural AssociationArchitecture2009
28London Music SchoolMusic2008
28University of BrightonBusiness Studies2007

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