El Dia de la Lengua Española 2020

25 November 2020 Categories My Campion

For all the Campion students taking Spanish as an extra language, El Dia de la Lengua Española is one of the highlights of the educational year. Spanish Day is the day where we commemorate the expansion of the Spanish language around the world after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. On this day we put up up small plays presenting different aspects of Hispanic culture. Through these projects we get to work in groups and look more into the traditions which are very important in order to understand the Hispanic world.

Even this year, despite the current circumstances, we were able to present (to a much smaller audience)  short plays we scripted ourselves. Year 7 presented features of Argentina and Mexico, Year 8 presented Els  Castellers (human towers, traditions from Cataluña) and Los Sanfermines (running in front of the bulls in the streets of Pamplona) while Year 9 recreated the infamous bullfights and flamenco dance. Year 10 cooked traditional dishes from Spanish speaking countries around the world and enjoyed trying them out.

We learned about these traditions by listening to the dialogues of the other students and we got to work on our cooperation skills. I think everyone can agree that this annual process lifts the class’s spirit!! We are very thankful for our teachers who managed to help us create our scripts  and who made sure we wouldn’t miss out while staying safe.

Leia Angelakou

Year 8