Year 9 sonnets

18 June 2020 Categories My Campion

Year 9 is proud to present fourteen sonnets–as many as the number of lines have to be in this special form of love poetry, originally made popular to English readers in the sixteenth century by William Shakespeare. He wrote more than 150 of these almost impossible poems, what with their strict rhyme scheme and rigid rule of iambic pentameter, each line a tight pattern of ten syllables. No one (not even Shakespeare himself, apparently) could come up with these love poems without a little help from a muse, that ever-elusive goddess of inspiration. The Year 9s were not ones to flinch or falter. They picked up their goose quills, trusted in their muse and set to work. The results were…well…remarkable, which is why they have been released from the cold confinement of our virtual classroom to be enjoyed hands-on, colourfully illuminated as they are by the pupils’ own artwork. Let the Bard keep boasting, but here is a much wider variety of love objects than he could ever have come up with himself: be it piano, plants and pets; swimming and sailing; running and travelling; even standing up for who you are, indulging in the wonders of smart fridges or flirting with peanut-butter sandwiches.  Sonneteers, may your trusted muse return. Readers, take joy in the fruit of their toil.

Elina Tsalicoglou
June 2020