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Formed in 2011, Campion Debate Club meets on Thursdays after school and aims to provide an opportunity for pupils to develop the kind of communication skills that will make them confident speakers and presenters in any situation.

Debaters not only learn to argue logically and persuasively, they also research topics that are at the cutting edge of social, philosophical, political and moral issues.

Junior debaters enjoy developing arguments and speaker style with debates on issues that not only are relevant to them, but also to their lives in the future as citizens of a changing world. All the debaters enjoy the fun activities and impromptu topics that challenge them to think on their feet and think laterally. The more experienced debaters are encouraged to provide points of information, rebut or challenge assertions and be able to summarise points neatly and fluently.

Although debating is an extremely competitive sport, Campion debaters are also expected to be good sportsmen and women, and be gracious in defeat as well as victory.

Joining the Debate club offers many opportunities to compete for the school and there are several tournaments held every year, in Athens and Thessaloniki.!/groups/189988557712825/