From the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

30 November 2021 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Campion Parents, Guardians and Staff,

I am delighted to be writing to you as the newly elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees. I hope my letter finds you in good health.

Our Community, our country, and the global environment continue to be challenged.  COVID-19 is having an ongoing impact on our daily lives as are the effects of climate change.  Several members of the Campion Community were impacted by the wildfires that Greece experienced over the summer and now, as winter is approaching, the risk of flooding is also a factor.

In light of these and the other challenges that we may be facing, I reflect on the Founding Aims of Campion School and specifically the Aim “to create a wholesome environment based on moral values to enable students to develop their characters and become responsible citizens in their respective communities”.  This Aim, I respectfully state, is relatively more difficult to achieve consistently and holistically when compared to the Aims of “achieve academic excellence” and “engender and develop an understanding and love for Greece and for Greek ideals”. This Aim requires the entire Campion Community to work together, to deal with any challenges that may arise, and to ensure that we as a Community hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

Campion School has been at the forefront of international education in Greece since its founding in 1970.  Its purpose has been, and will continued to be, to provide a challenging and holistic academic curriculum, combined with a rich extra-curricular programme, so as to inspire its Pupils to develop open and enquiring minds.  Through respecting one another, having open and honest discussions and by maintaining our supportive environment, we as a Community can ensure that Campion’s Pupils become responsible world citizens, thereby equipping them to deal with not only the challenges that they will face but also the myriad of opportunities that are certain to come their way.

Leading Campion School in achieving its Aims, from this point forward, will be Mike Henderson. The Board of Trustees, at is Board meeting on 22nd November 2021, unanimously appointed Mike as Headmaster.  Mike has been leading the School since May 2021 as Interim Headmaster and over this time has continued to demonstrate his leadership, his commitment and his professional stature.  Please join me and the other members of the Board of Trustees in congratulating Mike on his appointment as Headmaster of Campion School and wishing him well.

Mike, with the support of the Board, is in the process of finalising the Senior School’s management team that will place emphasis on four key areas, namely: Academic, Teaching & Learning, Pastoral and Community. The Junior School, under the leadership of Judi Korakaki, is also generally structured along these lines.  Mike, Judi and their respective teams now work together so that a Pupil’s journey through Campion School, and especially the step up from Junior to Senior School, is as seamless as possible.

The Board is committed to supporting Mike, Judi, their Staff and the entire Campion Community, to ensure that Campion School continues to operate with the best interests of all its Pupils in mind. It has the responsibility to ensure that the School has a clear vision and strategy in place which take into consideration relevant developments, both globally and within education. Through its oversight, the Board of Trustees will safeguard the viability, performance and reputation of the School, keeping it at the forefront of academic, cultural and pastoral excellence.

Finally, and on a personal note, I would like to thank the outgoing Chairman of the Board, Jeremy Downward.  When I was appointed to the Board in 2013 as Treasurer, Jeremy placed great trust in me to ensure the viability of the school in a very tough financial environment.  Jeremy’s leadership has been instrumental over the past number of years in various decisions that the Board has faced.  Jeremy, I thank you again and the Board thanks you.

As we move into the last month of the year, I wish the entire Campion Community well. Be safe.

Panagiotis Zisis
Chairman of the Board of Trustees