From the Head of Juniors

23 April 2021 Categories Junior

Dear Parents,

After such a long time staring at a computer screen I am certain that the holiday ahead of us comes as a welcome break. I am also certain that the holiday has been well earned by all involved in online learning this challenging half-term.

When we began this third phase of online learning, none of us knew it would continue until Easter and I am proud of the continued commitment shown by the children. I have been able to drop into many lessons and have been impressed by the perseverance and continued positivity shown by children and teachers. Well done to all involved.

I would have liked to have written to you with absolute certainty regarding the return date to the campus following the holiday. Currently, the date aimed for by the Ministry of Education is Monday 10th May and we are planning accordingly for the campus to reopen as safely as possible on that date. I remain, as ever, optimistic that we will return, but experience over the last year has taught us all to maintain a degree of caution regarding the speculations in the media and wait for official announcements.

There has been limited information yet regarding what the exact requirements will be for the Junior School pupils regarding self-testing but we are expecting the announcements to indicate Junior School children (some, if not all) will need to self-test and self-certify. We will provide you with clear details on what this process will involve when we receive information from the Ministry over the coming days. For those of you who do not have AMKA numbers for your children, we believe that temporary AMKA numbers can be generated via KEP. You are advised to do this as soon as possible to avoid delay in receiving the free self-tests for your children. As some classes in the Senior School have already returned, bi-weekly self-testing is already in place for all members of Campion staff, both in the Senior and Junior School, and current Senior School pupils.

I am pleased to report that the opening of the vaccination platform for teachers across Greece this week has enabled an overwhelming majority of our staff to book appointments in the coming weeks. This will play an important role in increasing the long term health and safety of  all of our community.

As the weather should have warmed up over the next couple of weeks we will return to school in our summer uniform. I am aware that as the current lockdown still makes shopping difficult, some of you may not be able to obtain the full summer uniform. If this is the case, please do substitute missing items with something similar and suitable for the rigours of school. Again, we will not change clothing in school on PE days so children will remain in PE kit on these days. We encourage a clean set of clothes every day and please remember to label every item with your child’s name.

Please do send in plenty of water for your child to drink as water fountains will remain closed. Following along with the messages given to children this week during Ocean Week refillable bottles are preferable to single-use plastic ones. These can be refilled at the taps during the day if necessary. Also, a sun hat, preferably kept in school, and some sunscreen are essential.

The canteen will resume operation for the Junior School from Thursday 13th May. All children will therefore need to bring packed lunches for the first three days. The days owed from the previous menu will be carried over to the new term starting from the 13th May and the canteen will send you updated menus.

I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back onto campus following this.

Judi Korakaki
Head of Juniors