From the Head of Juniors

14 May 2021 Categories Junior

Dear Parents,

This week has been a very successful return to school and it has been wonderful to see so many children back at their desks and happily playing with their friends.

The self-testing went smoothly with few issues. Thank you for your cooperation. This week the government has changed the regulations and from next week children and staff will only need to self-test and self-certify once per week. This should be done on Sunday evening (within 24 hours of coming to school on Monday) and the appropriate negative certificate will be checked on Monday morning as the children enter the school bus or the campus.

Please continue to assist us by having the papers ready to be checked. This is particularly important for children using the bus so that the checking is swift and the children can be seated quickly. The children should keep the certification with them all week.

We cannot accept anyone onto the buses or into the campus without this negative test certification.

I am also very pleased to pass on the news that from Monday 17th, Nursery children will also be able to return to their classrooms. Children in Nursery do not have to perform the self test or provide self-certification. However, all staff working with the Nursery children will need to self-test bi-weekly.

The PRC are also back in full swing and the eldest Junior School child in each family will be returning home today with a Campion Money Box. Please do read the letter sent by the PRC on its use. Campion has a long tradition of making generous charitable donations to worthy causes and we are keen not to let this difficult year break this tradition.

In the same mindset as ‘giving’, please also save the date May 29th, on which Campion will be holding a Blood Drive. More information about this is being circulated.

Over the next few weeks children in Year 1 to Year 6 will undertake InCAS assessments run by CEM – The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring. These computer-based adaptive tests are designed to help monitor children’s progress, and are an invaluable tool in understanding and responding to children’s individual educational needs. With the disruptions caused by the ongoing pandemic, this is even more important this year and the data will enable us to target specific areas of learning and ensure we maximise the progress made by all children.

I have spent a lot of time in the classrooms this week and have been impressed by how quickly the children have settled back into the classroom routines. From Y4 explorers following coded messages to Y1 designing dream catchers, the school is a hive of activity, creativity – just as it should be. I look forward to having all children back on Monday 17th May.

Best regards,

Judi Korakaki
Head of Juniors