From the Head of Juniors

18 September 2020 Categories Junior

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we come towards the end of the first week back at school I wanted to share my wholehearted ‘Well Done’ to all of our pupils, parents and staff for the smooth transition back into school. I am particularly impressed by the children’s adaptability to wearing masks and their positive approach to the new regulations. It is also a credit to our pupils that they have given the 70 new pupils in the Junior School such a warm and friendly welcome.

The new regulations have meant several changes to the timetables and we have all had to get used to new and more complex routines. Specialist lessons are now underway and your child should have brought their specialist timetable home. For the time being, children should come to school in PE kit on days when they have PE rather than changing.

The canteen will be operating from Monday 28th October. Your child will be given a menu today to bring home. If you wish to use this service please return the menu and the exact payment in a labelled envelope to the Junior School office. Food will be pre-packed in accordance with the new canteen regulations and only available for children who have pre-ordered. It will not be available for last-minute orders.

As we have now had a week to settle the children back into school and all lessons are up and running, it is essential that children are in their classrooms by 9 am. All children, including EYFS, should now be dropped off at the gate after 8.40 am. If you arrive earlier than this we would ask you to wait with your child until 8.40 am when there is supervision provided in each classroom.

The staggered home time arrangements have enabled us to get the majority of Junior School children off the campus before the Senior School finishes. This year there are a greater number of collect children and we do ask for your cooperation making drop off and collect as safe as possible for all of our community. Firstly, please respect social distancing principles while waiting for a child/children and when walking to and from the car park. Secondly, as the area is crowded masks should be worn. This also helps us reinforce the expectation that while on campus, children must be wearing a mask. Please also note that children are not permitted to travel on school buses, for playdates, etc. unless it is their usual bus.

Over the next two weeks, children in Years 2-6 will be completing InCAS+ CEM assessments. These would normally have been taken in May/June. Due to the varied nature of the last 6 months of schooling for all of our children the interpretation of results will inevitably have some limitations. However, they will give us a baseline from which to track individual progress this year and help us identify areas of the curriculum which may have been particularly affected by the Lockdown. This information will help us adapt this year’s curriculum where necessary. The results of the assessments will be shared with you at the first Parent-Teacher meetings. These are not tests that the children need to revise for and should not be a cause of stress.

One aspect of living in Greece that we all love is the celebration of birthdays and name days with sweet treats for the class. We are still very happy for you to send in treats but please do remember that we can only share out individually wrapped treats. Teachers will not be able to share unwrapped treats. If you are unsure if something meets the requirements please do ask your class teacher before you send it in. This is also a good point to remind you that due to allergies we do not allow nuts in school.

I hope that you all have a safe and restful weekend in spite of the stormy weather forecasted for tomorrow.


Judi Korakaki

Head of Juniors