From the Headmaster

29 January 2021 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Campion Families,

I had hoped to be able to confirm that the Senior School campus would reopen from Monday. However, as you know COVID cases in Greece are rising and the Greek Government are currently meeting to decide what action(s) they will take to combat COVID moving forward. Hopefully they will keep to their announcement last week and we will be able to confirm the physical return of all pupils to Campion over the weekend.

This week has seen a very impressive response to virtual practice exams by those in Year 11. Despite being an unusual way to run exams our pupils have taken them seriously and honestly – in true Campion spirit. Going through this process is extremely important. It provides pupils with the experience of handling challenging questions under pressured timed conditions, how to best manage time during an exam, identify which questions enable most marks to be gained, identify areas of weakness in plenty of time before the real exams and more besides. Already several teachers have identified avoidable mistakes that can be corrected in order for pupils to gain more marks when the real exams take place later this year.

Next week Year 13 begin their practice exams. Similar to the Year 11 virtual practice exams, this process is about much more than acquiring a grade. Much like a footballer practises to ensure they are match fit, pupils need to practise to ensure they are exam ready. They need to understand the importance of timing, identifying what a question is asking for under pressure, structuring answers correctly and much more. None of this can be achieved without practise, and there needs to be enough time between practise and real exams to fine tune pupils in readiness for those exams.

So it is important our pupils sit these exams whether virtually or physically. I am thankful to our teachers for their flexibility in developing an exam process that can be switched from virtual to physical and back again with ease and effect for the benefit of your children during these difficult times.

As ever the best way to keep our community healthy is to make sensible decisions and take thoughtful precautions against COVID 19 for you and your family. If each family does this the wider community will benefit.

Stay safe and be kind.

Kind regards

Duncan Rose