From the Headmaster

14 May 2021 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Campion Families,

I hope you had as wonderful an Easter as possible under the current conditions.

We are all absolutely delighted to see your children return to school. A school never feels right without children – far too quiet and boring! The campus feels reinvigorated now.

It is fair to say that everyone who has returned to school has done so with a focus on learning and bonding. It is clear your children are happy to be back at school. I am now eagerly waiting for Monday when our Nursery children return giving Campion a full house!

I would like to thank all families for their attention to the safety measures we have in place to protect ourselves from COVID. All children have arrived at school with masks and certificates to show they have had a negative rapid test. On campus your children also respect the measures that are in place. This is in no small part due to the modelling they see at home. Well done!

Kind regards

Duncan Rose