From the Headmaster

15 January 2021 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Campion Families,

It has been wonderful to see our Junior School and Year 7 pupils return to the school campus. The campus feels better for it, and it is delightful to see how happy and engaged they are in their studies. While I am sure you will agree Campion’s teachers did an amazing job in our virtual school, your children were outstanding in engaging and learning in that virtual school, and I will congratulate you all as parents for supporting your children in their learning. However, I am sure you will all agree that no matter how good our virtual school is children need to be physically at school.

I am delighted with the way our families have returned to school. There has been a very positive spirit among you all, which has made your children feel safe and confident as they have re-engaged with their classrooms. I would also commend our teachers for their energy and enthusiasm to get back to what they love doing – enabling your children to grow and develop as people as well as pupils.

Unfortunately, at this moment we have had no guidance from the Greek Government about Year 8 to 13 returning to our campus. While we are all eager to have these pupils return to Campion’s campus at this moment they will remain learning in our virtual school next week. However, if we hear anything different we will contact you accordingly.

As ever the best way to keep our community healthy is to make sensible decisions and take thoughtful precautions against COVID 19 for you and your family. If each family does this the wider community will benefit.

Kind regards

Duncan Rose