From the Headmaster

29 September 2020 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Campion Families,

It has been a challenging beginning to the new academic year. These times are always tricky as we join new classes, meet new teachers, rediscover old friendships, leave our youngest at school for the first time and more. New academic years bring change. However, this academic year has been particularly challenging due to COVID-19.

The Campion community is a social one of warmth and hospitality. In every aspect, the natural state is to be close and integrated. The community supports one another and my visits to the school before arriving permanently last month revealed the pupil body to be one that mixed well across all age ranges. Therefore, the practices and systems we have had to establish to reduce the possibility of COVID entering our community do not fit well with that wonderful culture, but you as a community have adapted well to these changes.

However, I am delighted to see that the whole community has responded very positively to the current state. Standing at the gates each morning and afternoon I have been struck by how calm and positive everyone is. I am especially impressed by how confidently your children enter the school. The community’s confidence in how Campion is managing COVID-19 is clearly evident.

As we begin week three of teaching we are settling into a routine. It has been very enjoyable walking the school and seeing what is happening. Your children have quickly adjusted to being back at school after the holiday and are now fully engaged in lessons. Despite the unusual regulations every pupil is making the most of being at school and taking what they can from each lesson and experience. It is very obvious that everyone enjoys being in school and values the time spent at Campion hugely.

So congratulations to everyone for making the start to the academic year 2020/2021 such a successful one so far. Well done!

Kind regards,

Duncan Rose