From the School Nurse

14 May 2021 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Parents,

Many thanks for your cooperation with the self-tests this first week back after the Easter break. This letter is an update.

All pupils and staff MUST have a “clean” test and follow the principles of the testing procedure as prescribed by the Greek government.

Without a “pupil card” your child will not be able to enter the school or bus. In order to speed up the boarding process, please make sure that your child has their certificate in hand

Official Procedure
EODY have now stated that self-tests are ONLY needed on a Monday (not twice per week).

COVID’s self-tests are available free of charge in pharmacies and you may also buy some extras if you need them. In order to receive the free ones, you will need to give the pharmacist your child’s AMKA (Arithmos Mitroou Koinonikis Asfalisis).

Pupils in Reception-Y12 are entitled to one free self-test every week and they will perform the tests on Sunday evening/Monday morning before leaving home for school.

Pupils in Nursery do not have to perform the test or have the “pupil card” with them, but all staff working with the Nursery children will need to perform the test bi-weekly.

Please ensure your child does not push the testing stick very deep into the nose in order to avoid inadvertent harm.

When the results come out (this takes about 15 minutes) you will have to declare this on the platform The platform will give you a “pupil card” if you declare negative, and instructions for isolation/PCR test at a testing centre if you are positive.

You can either print out the “pupil card”/“teacher card” and sign it, or write it out by hand and sign your declaration as an affidavit.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of self-tests, or have difficulty in obtaining a test, then please contact me.

Best regards,

Konstantina Konstantopoulou RN, MSc
Tel: 210 607 1755