Graduation Ceremony

7 April 2021 Categories Senior

Dear Graduating Families,

Campion School is very aware that as this academic year draws to an end it also closes an important chapter in the lives of you and your children.

Graduating from Senior School marks the end of an era for pupils, school and parents. For the pupil it marks the moment they are finally allowed to spread their wings putting all the knowledge and skills they have learned to good use in the wider world. For the school it is a celebration of all the achievements and memories made by those pupils during their time at school, and a moment to wish them a fond farewell and “bon voyage”. For parents it is more complex, with a multitude of emotions felt and closures needed. After all, they have invested years of their life supporting this part of their children’s journey and know not what is to come. Despite the challenges of COVID we are determined that there be some sort of marker to bring closure to this phase of our pupil’s lives.

In order to provide something meaningful we have been in discussion in school and with pupils. As a result we have taken the following decisions:

1)      We have pushed the date of Graduation back to June 11th. We feel the later the date the more likely it is that COVID restrictions will have been lifted allowing larger gatherings.

2)      We will hold Graduation and Prom in the school grounds (another reason to move the date into June when evenings are warmer) as we do not know if other venues will be open.

3)      We will limit guests to graduating pupils and their parents only due to COVID conditions.

4)      We hope to live stream the Graduation so other family members can watch it from home.

5)      This Graduation will only be Graduation, and will not be linked to Prize-giving as in previous years.

Of course, while it might be disappointing we are unable to run the Graduation as in the past this year I am sure you will appreciate our efforts to organise a suitable alternative. Please do be aware that as the COVID pandemic unfolds we may have to make further adjustments to the programme.

Kind regards

Duncan Rose