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16 November 2020 Categories Senior

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, the recent lockdown led to the postponement of the English Language and Literature and the Greek Language and Literature oral exams. After discussion with the Heads of Department for English, Greek and Modern Languages, as well as consultation with Year 13 students, a new schedule has been agreed.  Teachers have informed students of these changes and are currently practising for these oral exams in class.

To avoid further changes and disruption to student learning, the orals will take place on the new dates (listed below) even if there is a lockdown and the school is closed. In this case, the orals will take place over Skype, as was the case in the May 2020 exams. Teachers have explained this to students and we will ensure that they receive plenty of time to practise for a Skype oral exam or a face-to-face oral exam, depending on the situation.

Revised Dates for IB Oral Examinations:

Greek Language and Literature HL/SL          4th December 2020
English Literature HL/SL                                    7th & 9th December 2020
Spanish/French/Arabic HL/SL                           12th December 2020
English Language and Literature HL/SL        9th January 2021
Spanish Ab Initio                                                  20th March 2021

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries relating to the above.
Kind regards,

Kate Varey
IB Coordinator