IB Visual Arts Cyanotype workshop

16 October 2020 Categories My Campion

On Monday 12th October 2020, the years 12 and 13 Visual Art group went to a Cyanotype workshop in Kypseli, Athens. Cyanotype is a photographic blueprint (cyan blue).The artist, Spyros Paloukis, who led the workshop, began by telling us about the history of Cyanotype (which began in 1842) and then he taught us the technical process. We used non-toxic chemicals (ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide), found objects as well as our own photographs that were developed in the sunlight as well as in a darkroom.

We all had a lot of fun experimenting and making various photograms. The workshop was fascinating and it went extremely well. We learned an alternative photographic printing method for our coursework and this workshop was a great addition to the art trips we’ve had already this year!

Sofia Bashchinskiy

Year 13