IGCSE June 2022 Exam Results

19 August 2022 Categories Senior

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are well and have had a nice summer.

Provisional IGCSE exam results have been released. The Year 11 cohort have done very well with approximately 94% of all grades issued so far being in the A*-C range.

Students were issued with login details via google drive, in order that they can access their IGCSE exam results. GCSE Greek results will not be available until 25th August and I will be sharing these with the students involved.

Any questions relating to remarks of any components/papers can wait until our return to school, where discussion with classroom teachers can take place. Remarks should only be considered in cases where the grade obtained is very different to that expected by the student and their teacher. Do not use the Percentage Uniform Mark as the sole guide to applying for a remark.

Any student achieving a failing grade in English Language or Mathematics will be required to resit this exam in the November 2022 exam session. Resits in other subjects are not supported by the school. Once again, further details will be provided upon our return to school.

I would like to congratulate Year 11 on their performance and for the way they carried themselves during the exam period. They have been through a very difficult two-year period, hampered by Covid-19 and lockdowns. It was a pleasure to work with the group and run the first IGCSE exams in three years.

Kind Regards,
George Psaromatis
Exams Officer


These are not actual scores obtained in a subject. They are a guide to how strong or weak a particular grade is in any subject. For example, a Grade A in any subject will have a Percentage Uniform Mark ranging from 80 – 89. The closer to 80, the weaker the grade A and the closer to 89 the stronger. Percentage Uniform Marks appear on the Provisional Statement of Results, but will not appear on the official Certificates. Only the final grade for each subject will appear on the official Certificate when it is issued in late October.