Introduction from the Headmaster

65smFor over fifty years Campion School has been well established as the leading British international school in Athens. Founded in 1970 by Mr and Mrs Thomas Campion Shortell, American philhellenes then resident in Athens, and named after St Edmund Campion, a renowned 16th century scholar, the school began its existence in response to the growing demand for a high-quality, English-speaking education in Athens. In its first few years, the school primarily served the foreign community, but for some years now there has been a healthy number of pupils of Greek origin alongside children representing over forty nationalities. The resulting mix produces tolerant, internationally minded young people ready for the challenge of life in the 21st century.

Campion’s friendly atmosphere stems from its being a community in which people look out for one another and offer support. As a result, pupils greatly enjoy their experience here, in class, in extra-curricular activities and in the general day-to-day life of the school. Bonds formed between students in Campion last well beyond school, as evidenced by the many comments on our Alumni Facebook page.

In September 2000 the school completed the construction of its own spacious new premises designed to house the whole pupil body. The location offers an unpolluted, healthy and safe environment in the green belt of Pallini. Its proximity to the new airport roads ensures that many students enjoy easy access from central Athens and the northern and southern suburbs. With the official inauguration in May 2012 of the school’s new athletic centre, complete with a state-of-the-art, full-size soccer pitch, running track and changing pavilion, the school’s sporting facilities have been greatly enhanced.

Campion has many outstanding qualities. It is an executive member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and its Head is a member of HMC, the prestigious organisation representing the majority of independent schools in the UK. It is wholeheartedly devoted to teaching children about Greece, both ancient and modern, as well as offering tuition in the Greek language to the highest level.

Campion prides itself on the good effect it has upon the character development of its pupils: the high level of sportsmanship shown by its students in tournaments is frequently commented upon by coaches of opposing teams. Moreover the school successfully cultivates in its pupils a genuine desire to help others less fortunate than themselves by fund-raising and by direct involvement with institutions such as PIKPA, Unicef, Save the Children Fund and the World Wildlife Fund. Outside of the classroom, Campion offers its students the widest range of opportunities in the performing arts in addition to many extra-curricular sporting activities.

I hope our website will begin to give you an idea of Campion: what we believe in, what we have to offer and more down-to-earth information concerning how we are organised. Words and pictures can only show the surface, however, and so I very much hope that you will visit us to get a feeling of how vibrant Campion is. I look forward to meeting you here.

Stephen Atherton