Year 8’s Virtual Museum Visit

15 December 2020 Categories My Campion

On the 4th December the whole of Year 8 went on a virtual school trip to the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the year group could not go to the museum but we were fortunate enough to have the trip take place online. We were given a tour of the museum in our own home. We learnt a lot about ancient Greek technology. Some of the inventions we could recognise in modern technology. There was a robot that would pour the same amount of wine and water for whoever wanted a watered-down drink. We also saw a puppet theatre that worked with a crank handle. There was a machine that helped workers when building houses made out of big stone blocks. This machine would pick up the block with just a pull on a lever. We also saw ancient Greek toys, musical instruments, and a cup made by Pythagoras of Samos that if you poured more wine than you were supposed to, the wine would all fall out. This was made as a joke for when anyone got greedy and wanted more wine then they were entitled to. The museum visit was amazing and it taught us a lot about how smart the ancient Greeks were, lots of their ideas and creations have been taken and made into things that we use today.

Christina Zisi, Year 8

On Friday 4th December, the Year 8 class of Campion School virtually visited the Kotsanas Museum. During our virtual tour, we learnt about some incredibly interesting ancient Greek inventions. Some of the tools and instruments shown consisted of games, weapons and much more. One of the artefacts shown was a crane used to lift extremely heavy objects such as large stones and rocks for building. A fact that I learnt while at the museum was that ancient Greeks used to count time by measuring the shadow of the sun which was definitely very fascinating. Lastly, we looked at a puzzle called Το στομάχιο that included 14 pieces. There were approximately 506 different ways to create different shapes. Of course, much more was included in this captivating tour so overall I am confident that this was one of the greatest museums Campion has ever visited! We look forward to visiting it again.

Marina Salevourakis, Year 8

The Kotsanas Museum virtual tour showed us all sorts of ancient Greek inventions that are very similar to modern technology.  One of the inventions shown, and my favourite, was an ancient Greek burglar alarm that would be attached to someone’s door. If someone intruded and the alarm was set off, a weight would lower a tube with two whistles on each side of it and send air into it, which then set off a loud whistling sound. The museum guide was very clear and interesting, I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to all history lovers!

Una Spasojevic, Year 8

 I always wondered how the ancient Greeks lifted all the marble up on the hill to build the Parthenon. With the virtual tour of the Kotsanas Museum I learnt the answer! They had a crane! The cranes were up to thirty metres high and they could lift up to three or four tonnes!  I thought it was very smart how the ancient Greeks carved a small hole in the middle of the marble and then they put those metals in that were very tight so that the marble wouldn’t fall while it was lifted in the air. One of the metal bits had a small hole in it so that a rope that was tied to a mechanism in the middle of the crane could go through. So, actually it was not as I thought that the ancient Greeks carried all those tonnes of marble. The only thing they had to do was to pull a raft! I think that the ancient Greeks must have been very smart to come up with something like that.

Maia Olofsson, Year 8