Late Buses

29 September 2020 Categories Junior, Senior

Dear Parents,

As you may know, since last year the school has purchased portable GPS tracking devices which have been installed on all buses.  Parents will now be able to check the location of the late bus during its route at any given time, free of charge.

You may click here to view the late bus routes.

The portable GPS units are our only option (as opposed to permanent high-tech GPS installations) as the school does not own its buses but only leases them.  The portable units are going to be fixed on each bus before the late bus routes start and then removed at the end of the route by the bus monitor.

We are sending the GPS access codes to all parents for the late (17.00) afternoon buses, which usually depart on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Here is how you can monitor the bus routes from your mobile phone, tablet or PC:

Go to  (Wind M2M version 5).

Username: Northbus@campion                 Username: Southbus@campion
Password: late1                                                 Password:  late2

Click  login  and you are  in the GPS  map.

For any questions please contact Mrs Maria Patouha   at

Chris Calafatis                                                                        Maria  Patouha
Business & Finance Director                                              Transport / Administration