18 December

Let's treat!

"Let's treat, not trick" was our motto, as the Campion Volunteers got into the Christmas spirit early this year! Everything started from Halloween. A Halloween-themed bake sale was successfully organised in which all the years helped, by either baking, selling or even buying the food. The money collected from the bake sale went to sweets, which brings me to our next accomplishment. After the bake sale, for two weeks, we were collecting single socks to make puppets for unaccompanied refugees. Then the volunteers from years 7 to 9 took over as they sewed and decorated the socks to make them look like puppets. Finally, they filled them with sweets to make them more festive.

To close this year on a positive note, we also collected dry food supplies for the NGO Kivotos tou Kosmou. To make it more interesting, we made it a competition between the three houses: Atlas, Hyperion, and Prometheus. After almost four weeks, we successfully collected 17 boxes of pasta, rice, legumes etc. and Atlas won first place, having collected 10 boxes. Thank you to Mrs. Rigopoulou for helping us organise this project, and to everyone who brought food!

Fenia Makri (Year 11)
Maria-Louisa Vichou (Year 8)


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