24 January

An author in our class!

On Thursday 16th January 2020 the author of the book Η κούπα του Πτολεμαίου came to visit our Y7NL Greek class. We had just started reading this book in class and his visit turned out to be a wonderful surprise! 

In the time he spent with us, he told us what inspired him to write this book and the hard decisions he had to make so that the book could become successful. He even informed us about all the other books in this series and told us about his new book Το Ελάφι της Ρόδου, which he is currently writing. Sadly, this might be the last book of this series.

Kostas Stoforos, the author of the book we are analysing in class, is a very kind, confident, happy and funny person. He is a proud father of three children who loved telling his kids stories so one day he decided to write his own. This is the book we are currently reading which has sold 7,000 copies so far!

After his visit I look at literature in a different way. I don’t think it is boring anymore; instead I think it’s fun and exciting! I enjoyed every part of his visit, especially his humour.

It was an inspiring visit and I hope he comes again one day!

Christina Konstantakopoulou 

Year 7

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