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Project 4 YOu

Recently a call went out from Mr Henderson, our Head of Seniors, for pupils interested in participating in a project to be aired on Mad TV. Of course, my answer was ‘yes’, as were the replies of Sara, Anatoly and Christo who were also keen to participate. We were told that this show was part of a project organised by the EU called Project 4 You, which aims to bring European countries together by making them aware of the common roots of their languages.

At the TV studio, there were teams of students from various other schools, whose aim it was to identify various words being described by the show’s hostess. All participants received a lengthy list of words the night before and we four Campionites tried to find the definitions of as many of the words as we could, in order to be well-prepared the following day.

As it turned out, we were only tested on three very easy ones so we needn’t have worried! Despite the stress, it was all worth it in the end because we learned a lot and we were on TV! Even though we spent hours in the MAD TV studios waiting for our turn to go on set, we had a great time because we met new people, got our hair and makeup done (which made us feel very professional) and were also given a tour of the studio. I got to see where all the magic happens for my favourite radio station, MAD radio 106.2, and witnessed all the difficulties encountered in filming a show. This was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m sure we will never forget it.

Natalie Hytiroglou
Year 11

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Nurse Pam came to speak to both Year 5 classes in support of their learning in the IPC topic 'Fit for Life'. She reviewed the parts of the heart and the circulatory system, in line with health.

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Years 9 & 12 Visit the Kouvoutsakis


On September 27th, Years 9 and 12 Art pupils visited the Kouvoutsakis Art Institute. This is an art gallery in the heart of Kifissia and is one of the few in Athens that exhibits such a wide selection of Greek art from different eras. It features artwork mainly by Greek artists but there are a few foreign ones as well, like Rodin and Delacroix. Since Year 9 has been learning about still lifes in class, we each picked the still lifes that intrigued us the most and tried to replicate them in order to understand the way they were produced. This will aid us in class to create our own artwork. Year 12 also collected information by studying the paintings so that they connect their findings to their own work too. It was a very enjoyable and unique experience for all of us and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Philippi Roupa
Year 9



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Year 7 Trip to Delphi!

Year 7 is off on their first trip as Senior School pupils! Today was a visit to Gla and discovering the lower side of Delphi!

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