Our Phenomenal IB Results 38/45!

19 July 2022 Categories My Campion

Today, our graduating class is celebrating record results in an examination year. Campion has a long track record of academic excellence but the results rejoiced today are truly phenomenal! As a cohort, the average points score of 38 out of 45 is 8 points above the world average of 2019 – the last year that examinations took place. 77% of our cohort scored 35 points or higher and 68% of all grades were a 6 or 7 (the highest grades possible). As ever, there were some outstanding individual performances.

Aimilia Miliou 45 points (the maximum score possible)
Adrian Nunez 44 points
John Katsikis 43 points
Tatiana Panagiotidi 43 points

Our staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that pupils have been cared for and have continued to receive the best education possible in these challenging times. We have strived to ensure that students have been given every chance to pursue their chosen next steps. Pupils will be leaving Campion to take places at many of the top universities across the world including: Paris, London, Edinburgh, Sydney, the Netherlands and Sweden. We wish them well and are confident that the education that they received at Campion has put them on track to succeed at degree level and beyond.