Pope Francis Youth Meeting in Athens

24 November 2021 Categories Senior

Dear Parent or Guardian,

On the morning of Monday 6th December, Pope Francis will attend a youth meeting at a school in Athens. It is my hope and intention to take along a small group of Campion pupils to participate. Your child has already submitted their details for approval and we should soon hear how many places we have been assigned.

This letter is in some ways premature, as the practicalities of the event are still being worked out between the Greek state, the dimos, and the Roman Catholic Church in Greece – and probably will be up until the last minute. At the time of writing, the venue will be the Ursuline School in Marousi. It will be a very early start, requiring us to be there around 7.00-7.30am (though I hope not quite that early). For this reason, it may be necessary for your child to be brought directly there, rather than organise a bus from school. A bus will take us back to Campion afterwards.

I hope to be able to take 12 of us in total: 10 pupils and 2 teachers (Mrs Rogakou and myself). It hardly needs stating that this is a unique, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While obviously having a religious theme, non-Catholics, non-Christians and non-believers are more than welcome. I gather the focus will be on international challenges and the role of all young people in engaging with them. Naturally the event will be free.

There may be some waiting around at first, so attendees should bring warm (smart) clothes and waterproofs, an umbrella, something to eat and drink – and read. Ideally your child will be fully vaccinated, but at the moment a rapid test or PCR result on the day will suffice. I hope to send another letter closer to the time with more details. In the meantime, please sign and return the permission slip below.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Yates

Year 12 Tutor



I ( ________________) give my permission for my child ( ______________) to attend the Papal Youth Meeting on Monday 6th December.


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