PRC Seminar for Parents and Staff

18 January 2021 Categories Junior, Senior
Dear Campion Parents and Staff Members,
The PRC is starting their webinar program for 2021 this Sunday, January 24th at 12.00.
The webinar is entitled Grounding in times of Crisis : An experiential wellness approach for the members of Campion Community.
It has been kindly offered by a Campion parent and the founder of WellDay-Live Longevity, Mrs. Marianne Chrysikakou. 
Description: Challenging times like the current COVID 19 crisis create a lot of uncertainty, as long term and well established structures in our personal and collective life seem to end up abruptly and permanently. Disruptive change creates a lot of tension in the human system mainly in the form of stress, overthinking and excessive worrying that can be experienced through compulsive patterns of eating, overworking and many other habits and efforts to distract the mind from what’s truly hurting inside.
During the workshop we will have the opportunity:
  • to share common manifestations of stress stemming from out daily life during the months of the pandemic
  • understand how the stress mechanism works and it tends to undermine our natural efficiencies
  • experience simple ways to ground the mind while practising our daily activities
  • learn how to bring a sense of presence in our life as a foundation of immunity and greater vitality
By integrating her knowledge on Movement, Awareness and Healing, Marianne works hand in hand with individual and corporate clients to restore vitality and a healthy lifestyle. She received her BA in Physical Exercise, further trained by the Olympic Solidarity IOC and certified as an expert by various global wellness institutions in the fields of healing exercise, acupuncture and meditation. She is a mother of a 10 year old wonderful daughter and initiator of public seminars & workshops with the view of raising awareness on the value of applied wellness practices, as an active health milestone, in daily life.
If you would like to participate in this webinar, please send an email to The link for the webinar will be sent by email in advance.
The duration of the workshop will be 60′ to cover theory and practice and 30’ for questions and answers, if any.
If there are people who would like to share considerations, they can email Mrs. Chrysikakou directly at and she will refer respectively on a generic basis safeguarding confidentiality.
We hope the community will enjoy and embrace this initiative.
Best regards.
The PRC Board