Regarding Greek language lessons

28 September 2020 Categories Junior

Dear Parents,

Now that the Greek classes have settled, we would like to wish you and the children a creative and productive school year. In order to reduce movement around corridors and protect the integrity of the learning bubble, the majority of the Greek lessons will take place in the children’s classrooms rather than the Greek classrooms.

Native language pupils will be given the language books that are given in the Greek Schools but we will cover specific units to focus on reading comprehension and the main grammatical structures. Native Greek classes for Year 1 will be offered after Christmas.

Homework will be given twice a week according to the needs of each group and will be posted on Greek Google Classroom as well.  Each Greek teacher will share her Google Classroom with her class. For the Greek lessons the pupils will need a Greek folder clearly labelled with their name on it and their pencil case. We also encourage our pupils to read Greek books every week to familiarise themselves with the Greek language and culture.

The teachers of the Greek Department this year are listed below:

Mrs D Nanopoulou
Mrs I Lazaridi
Ms K Angeli
Μs E Panagopoulou

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries or if you would like to inform us of anything we should be aware of in order to better support your child.

Thank you!

Effie Panagopoulou
Assistant Head of Junior School
Greek Language and Culture Coordinator