Registering for Military Service

16 March 2023 Categories Senior

Dear Parent/Guardian of a Year 12/13 child,

This letter is to inform you that male children with Greek citizenship born in 2005 must be registered for mandatory military service before 31st March 2023. If they have not already done so, there is a procedure that they need to begin as soon as possible. They will need to submit various documents, such as their δελτίο ταυτότητας or διαβατήριο, their ΑΦΜ, and their AMKA number. If they fail to meet this deadline, between one and three months will automatically be added to their military service.

Attached is a letter from the Ministry and a document giving further formal guidance.

This matter has already been discussed in CAS classes, so it should not be a surprise.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Yates
Year 13 Year Tutor