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12 March 2020 Categories News and Events

Dear Parents and Staff,

As you are all very much aware, Campion and all other schools in Greece remain closed owing to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

We at Campion will continue to support our pupils and their families to the best of our ability and hope to keep you informed in this spot of news pertinent to both the school and events taking place around us.

Further updates from staff and governmental announcements will be posted below.

Wishing you all safety in these current, trying circumstances.

Dee Baker



Year 13 letter parents

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From the Nurse 26/04/2020

From the Head of Seniors 26/04/2020

From the Head of Juniors 26/04/2020

Covid-19 initiative 17/04/2020

IGCSE fee payment  16/04/2020

IGCSE fee adjustment  16/04/2020

From the Bursar 12/04/2020

Extension of school closure 10/04/2020

Junior end-of-term letter 10/04/2020

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Pre-IB teaching 9/04/2020

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Senior closure – phase 2 26/03/2020

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Cancellation of IGCSE exams 23/03/2020

Cancellation of Checkpoint exams 23/03/2020

Cancellation of IB exams 23/03/2020

From the Head of Juniors 20/03/2020

From the IBO 19/03/2020

From the IBO  18/03/2020

GAT Exams     17/03/2020


New measures as of 4th May 2020 3/05/2020

Closure of schools until 10th May 2020 10/04/2020

New restrictive measures on circulation as of 22/03/2020

New restrictive measures from the Greek government as of 18/3/2020 (in Greek)

For those of you in the school community who do not read Greek, this url has useful information on the new restrictive measures which came into effect today 18/03/2020. They include additional shop closures, voluntary 14-day isolation if you’ve just entered the country and precautionery measures against contracting COVID 19