Senior Parent-Teacher Meeting

14 October 2020 Categories Senior

Dear Parents,

Following on from last week’s letter, I would like to share additional information with you regarding the upcoming Parent-Teacher Meeting for pupils in Year 9 to be held on Wednesday October 21st. The meeting starts at 4:00pm and ends at 6:30pm.

As explained previously, meetings will be held virtually via a platform called “Schoolcloud”. At the bottom of this letter, you will find information on how to book your desired appointments. Appointments will be booked on a first come first served basis and bookings will open at 4.00pm on Wednesday 14th October and close at midnight on Tuesday 20th October. In order to keep the meeting running to time it will only be possible for parents to book to see a maximum of 10 teachers (pupils in Year 9 are studying 13 subjects). It is hoped that by meeting (up to) 10 teachers you will gain a good understanding of how your child is performing. If you are unable to see a teacher that you would really wanted to, please contact school Reception and the relevant teacher will be back in contact in due course. Please can I ask that you book to see no more than two Science teachers.

The length of each video appointment is limited to 5 minutes and the meeting will end automatically when the time limit is reached. If you (or the teacher) is late to the meeting then the meeting will begin at the scheduled time and will still finish at the scheduled time. In this way, all meetings will continue on time. Should you not have finished discussing the progress of your child within the time limit, again please contact school Reception and the relevant teacher will be back in contact in due course. It is recommended that you schedule at least one small gap between meetings as talking to 10 teachers consecutively online can be tiring.

Please note, that due to limitations of the software, it is not possible for parents to join the meeting from different locations (eg one parent at work and one at home). Parents will need to be in the same location (just like a face-to-face parent-teacher meeting). If this causes you unease, then please contact Mrs Bodington and we can look at possible solutions. Pupils are permitted to attend the video meeting if you so desire.

A half-term “settling-in” report will be given to pupils on Wednesday 21st October at school. This will also be emailed to parents on Wednesday. I hope you find the virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting a suitable alternative to our usual Parent-Teacher meetings and that you can gain useful information regarding the progress and performance of your child. 

Please click on the Parents’ Guide to Booking Appointments to read the instructions on booking and here to complete the form.

Yours sincerely,

M Henderson

Head of Senior