The Return of the Campion World Cup!

30 May 2022 Categories My Campion

On Saturday 21st May things in the football world finally returned to normal! Campion’s World Cup returned to the stage! Three years had passed since the Parents, Staff, Alumni and Student teams encountered each other to battle for the prestigious trophy!

The draw took place on Wednesday and the semi-finals that came out out of the hat were:

Parents vs Alumni. What a game! It was a great show for the spectators but the Alumni team was victorious winning 3-0 and got through to the final.

The second game was Staff vs Students: To be honest, the Students made the staff sweat. But you should never underestimate the Staff’s experience and the tactical brilliance they possess. The game ended 3-3 and the Staff won on penalties!! What coolness when taking the kicks.

The game for 3rd place was between the Parents and Students and ended 2-3 with the Students clinching 3rd place.

Moving on to the Final – the game was tight. Everyone was tired, hot and hungry. Both teams were trying not to concede a goal and both were playing a very tactical and patient attacking game. One chance was enough – a close range shot by Mr Yianni – was enough to give the winner’s trophy to the Staff. Well done to all! Until next year!