UK, Europe and USA university applications

13 September 2021 Categories Senior
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our students have started applying to the universities of their choice and I would like to take the opportunity to outline some key points and dates in the application cycle.

Those applying to the USA have already been advised to talk to me and submit their applications before 1st November. The students applying to the UK, with the exception of early applicants, are strongly recommended to submit their application by the end of November 2021. Please be aware that students applying to Oxford or Cambridge and for Medicine/Dentistry and Veterinary Science must send their applications by 15th October at the latest. However, they must have completed their forms by Friday 24th September so that their applications can be processed by the deadline.

UK Universities
The UCAS online application system has opened and all students have been registered and created an account. They have been encouraged to complete all the relevant sections of the form: personal details; university choices; education; employment and the personal statement. Students have received guidance notes and had training sessions on how to write a personal statement, which is an important part of the application and this information is included in their University Applications classroom. As the term progresses, I will continue to support the drafting process.

Please pay the UCAS application fee online, which is €28, and the school will then send the money to UCAS directly. For any further questions about payment, please contact Mrs Christofidou in the Business Office at The amount must be paid before the application can be sent, so please ensure we receive prompt payment.

Foundation Courses
Most foundation courses do not go through UCAS but require students to apply directly to the university or college. Although Art and Design foundation courses tend to have slightly different deadlines to UK universities, we have found that it is beneficial for students to apply before Christmas 2021.

European Universities
Since European universities have different deadlines, it is essential that students check the individual submission dates. Students are strongly advised to complete applications for the Netherlands and other European universities before December 2021. Before beginning the process, students should arrange an appointment with me.

Students will be kept informed of the application cycle through the form notices, meetings with the Universities and Careers Counsellor’s Office and through information provided in the CAS/UCAS period, which is every Monday.

Teachers have been asked to review their initial predictions, which students were given in July. If there has been substantial progress, then the predicted grade may be revised upwards. When the student’s application is in its final stages, predictions will be confirmed.

If you would like to discuss the application process, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Eleni Siani

Universities and Careers Counsellor