Year 11 Assessment Schedule

23 April 2021 Categories Senior

Dear Parents,

I hope that this email finds you and your family in good health. It has certainly been good seeing Year 11 pupils in school these past two weeks and I hope that they have benefitted by not only completing some of the required assessments but also from the mental and social aspects of health that are delivered by being around their friends and peers again.

From a teacher’s point of view, I can tell you that they have very much enjoyed the face-to-face interaction with pupils again, especially providing targeted support to some of those who were waning with the challenges of online learning.

Wednesday brought a great amount of excitement to the school building with the opening of the vaccination platform for teachers. I am pleased to say that the overwhelming majority of teachers have successfully booked the date of their vaccinations and these will be administered over the coming weeks.

As is traditional at this time of year, Year 11 pupils will be receiving their end-of-year report. We are in the final stages of completing the reports and I expect them to be uploaded to the parent portal at some point over the holidays. We will send an email to confirm when this is finished.

However, the main purpose of this letter is to outline the plans for Year 11 pupils at the start of next term. Obviously, this plan is subject to change depending on the changing epidemiological landscape over the next two weeks, but we remain optimistic that we will be able to welcome all pupils back to school on Monday 10th May, and Year 11s can complete the final stage of the evidence gathering process in a face-to-face setting

Should you have any additional questions please contact Mr Nitsche or myself.

Wishing you and your family a relaxing and safe break.

Kind regards,

Mike Henderson
Head of Seniors

 ANTICIPATED HEALTH MEASURES (depending on supplementary advice from the Greek ministry)

  • Self-tests to be shown on Monday and Thursday morning (or the first day in school after Monday/Thursday)
  • All measures currently in use to continue, including the wearing of masks and the use of hand gel Year 11 will form a new “bubble” with Year 12. This means:
    • Year 11s can use the library (for revision when not in an exam).
    • Year 11s can use the canteen and canteen balcony (when not in exams).
    • Year 11 toilets will change to the toilets next to the PE changing rooms.


  • Only evidence gathering tests will take place this week – no other lessons.
  • Year 11 pupils do not need to be in school if they do not have a test.
  • Year 11 pupils are permitted to arrive just prior to an exam and depart after their final exam.
    • Any pupil arriving late/leaving early should sign in (and if appropriate, show their self-test certificate) at reception.
  • Extra time will be given to those pupils who have had the required paperwork approved.
Mon 10 May Chemistry PERIODS 3&4 Paper 4 1:15 minutes (1:34)
PERIODS 7&8 Paper 2 45 minutes (56)
Tue 11 May Maths PERIODS 1+2 PAST PAPER 5 (core) 1 HR 10 MINS (1:28)
PAST PAPER 2 (extended) 45 min (56)
English PERIODS 5+6 PAPER 1 LANGUAGE 2 hours (2:30)
Wed 12 May Biology PERIODS 1+2 Paper 4 1hr 15 minutes (1:34)
PERIODS 7+8 Paper 2 45 minutes (56)
Thu 13 May Physics PERIODS 1+2 Paper 2 45 minutes (56)
PERIODS 3+4 Paper 4 1:15 minutes (1:34)
Fri 14 May English PERIODS 2 Paper 3 Drama 45 Minutes (56)
Maths PERIODS 7+8 PAST PAPER 1 (Core) 45 MINS (56)
PAST PAPER 4 (Extended) 2h and 15 min (2:49)

WEEK BEGINNING 17TH MAY – Start of Pre-IB programme. More information to follow in due course.


  • Some core subjects may still give tests during some of these lessons e.g. Maths may decide to give an additional test when everybody has Maths (notice will be given).
  • Any other subject still requiring evidence may require pupils to stay after school.