Year 11 Mock Exams

14 January 2021 Categories Senior

Dear Parents,

Whilst Campion was optimistic that Year 11 pupils would be back in school on Monday 18th January, this remains far from certain. It is unfair at this late stage to leave Year 11 pupils wondering what will happen in the upcoming mock exams. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to outline the school’s plan for the Year 11 mock exams.

It is important to understand the purpose of sitting the mocks in the first place. They are undoubtedly a stressful experience for most pupils but the benefits of sitting the mocks far outweigh the negatives. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Motivating pupils to start revision early
  • Practising effective revision strategies
  • Improving knowledge
  • Practising under exam conditions
  • Identifying topics that need attention
In order to give pupils a stronger sense of security around the timing of the mock exams the following decisions have been made:
  • Year 11 mock exams will be delayed by one week and will now start on Monday 25th January.
  • The exams will begin on Monday 25th January regardless of whether pupils are in school or virtual.
    • If exams are taken online then pupils will need to have access to a printer (please contact Mr Nitsche if your child does not have access) and have a camera (I have a strong suspicion that all Year 11 pupils have a camera on their phone that works!). Should it look like exams will definitely be online, further information will be provided to pupils as to exactly how the online exams will operate.
  • If pupils return to school on Monday 1st February then the second week of exams will take place in school.

The timetable for the mock exams (attached to this letter) has been made that where possible, subjects with more than one paper will find examinations in both weeks. This then maximises the chance that at least one paper will be taken in school.

It is important to reiterate the stance that CAIE (our examination board) is taking towards the sitting of the examinations this summer.
We share the belief of our schools that exams remain the fairest and most accurate way of assessing student achievement. Therefore, we continue to prepare for the June series to go ahead. We will continue to monitor the situation for the June 2021 series very closely and keep our schools informed, but we expect exams to continue as planned where it is permitted and safe.”

Whilst examination boards in the UK have cancelled the sitting of GCSEs this summer, this is clearly not the case for CAIE and Campion pupils. There is no plan to utilise mock exams as the sole input to any predicted grades. Instead, a wide range of evidence will be used to generate predicted grades. Obviously, an examination taken in school will carry far more weight than an examination that is taken online but I stress the reasons at the beginning of this letter why we feel it is important Year 11 pupils have the opportunity to sit the mock exams – regardless of whether this is in school or online.

Whilst I acknowledge that sitting a mock exam online is far from ideal, it was felt that it was the best of a bad set of options. An assembly was held this morning where this was explained to all Year 11 pupils. If, after speaking to your child, you wish clarity on a certain point then please don’t hesitate to contact myself Mr Nitsche/Mr Psaromatis.

I thank you for your support in these challenging times. Wishing you and family good health.

Kind regards,

Mike Henderson
Head of Seniors