Year 13 farewell ceremony

23 June 2020 Categories My Campion

Partly disappointed that we wouldn’t have the graduation ceremony we were all expecting, and partly relieved that we didn’t have to shop for dresses/tuxes, the Year 13s came back to school, after almost four months, for a mini-graduation. Although this was not how we envisaged leaving Campion, in many ways it was the perfect send-off: a small, intimate gathering of all the people we spent our final (and hardest!) two years of school with. 

If there’s one thing that Covid has taught us, it is to not take things for granted. Being able to talk to our teachers and classmates face-to-face having not seen them for so long made this day a special one. It was also a privilege to be the graduating class leaving together with Mr Atherton. Whether having met him fourteen years ago or in the past two years, it is his sense of humour and dedication to making the school an even better place that makes Campion feel like a second home to many of us. Our teachers did their best to make this graduation as ‘normal’ as it could be with food and drinks, farewell speeches by Mr Atherton and our class Valedictorian, Ilias Griniatsos, and by calling us up one by one to get our diplomas. I know I speak for all the graduating class when I say that we will miss Campion dearly.

N Hytiroglou

Year 13